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  • Rising Darkness
  • Cynthia Cooke
  • English
  • 03 February 2018
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READ Rising Darkness FREE READ Í PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Cynthia Cooke Cynthia Cooke ☆ 0 CHARACTERS Demon hunter vampire and member of the CadreDamien Hancock has come to Wolvesrain to helpEmma McGovern defend herself against a powerfuldemon For if Emma finds love and consummatesthat love the demon Asmos will fulfill a generations old curse and. Having lived in her life in fear Emma McGovern is reminded once again that Asmos a demon from the seventh realm will claim has his own when Asmos sends demon wolves to stalk her but this time the Cadre has sent Damien Damien has every intention of capturing and containing the demon Asmos but he didn t bargain for the effect that Emma has on him Will their love help them fight the demon or will it cost them both of their livesThis romance is not your typical boy meets girl and they live happily ever after and it keeps the readers in doubt about the outcome until the very end The characters are strong compelling and easily draw readers into their story from the very beginning as surely as their hearts are captured by Emma and her situation The romance has sparks flying but this romance has a major obstacle if they give into their desires a demon will claim Emma This story has a fast pace and smooth flowing plot that keeps readers glued to the pages in anticipation and adrenaline pumping suspense with a few surprises along the way The story also has an overall gothic shivery chill feel to the story that has goose bumps prickling and the hairs on the back of the neck risingThe Vampire s Reckoning and its characters are well developed story and the author did a great job of adding such a mysterious atmosphere to the story that I felt like I right there with the characters as they fight for their lives

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READ Rising Darkness FREE READ Í PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Cynthia Cooke Cynthia Cooke ☆ 0 CHARACTERS Ercarries too much pain and loneliness in his heartBut as their attraction proves impossible to resistEmma fears it is the curse that is drawing themtogether Can the love she has found in Damien'sstrong arms now help her fight the rising darkness. For 200 years now the McGovern family has been held by the curse of a gypsy girl Betrayed by a McGovern ancestor the gypsy had called upon the demon Asmos to curse any McGovern to a brutal death should they ever fall in love and have that love consummated The curse could only be lifted with the death of Asmos or the end of the McGovern bloodline Damien Hancock remembered that night vividly that was the night the vampires came to the woods and attacked his family brutalizing his sisters and turning him and his brother Nicholai All this time Damien has denied the dark side and kept his blood pure by refusing to feast on a human The Cadre a group that captured those from the dark realm took Damien in and helped him develop his new powers Emma McGovern has kept herself a recluse in the Wolvesrain mansion Her mother succumbed to the family curse 20 years before on the eve of the Euinox and every anniversary since the wolves come to Wolvesrain to tempt Emma from safety Damien s been recruited to go to Wolvesrain to protect Emma and to capture the demon Asmos One look at Emma and the pull between them is incredibly strong Is the pull a result of the curse or is there truth to their attractionThis is my first real vampire book so I can t rate the paranormal aspect in comparison to other books Ms Cooke drew me in to the dark world that is Damien s and Emma s Damien is tortured by what he has become and battles constantly with his natural urges that seem to be growing stronger Emma discovers a hidden strength that even surprises herself Nice twist in Emma s memories and theirs is a hard won HEA but one that you can t help routing for This is a great combination of gypsy curses wolf guardians bloodthirsty vampires and the battle of good over evil Well done

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READ Rising Darkness FREE READ Í PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Cynthia Cooke Cynthia Cooke ☆ 0 CHARACTERS Claim her soul Damien knows justhow powerful the ancient demon is but he neveranticipated the all consuming effect courageousEmma would have on himHaving led a sheltered life within the walls of herancestral estate Emma senses that Damien like h. The Vampire s Reckoning is my first story to have read by Cynthia Cooke and I really enjoyed her style of writing it was easy to read and her characters were easy to connect with The story is of Emma whose family has been cursed for a few hundred years that if they fall in love on the euinox each year the demon Asmos will try to to take over their body to be able to be permanently present in the human realm Damien is a vampire who tries to rid Emma of the threat of Asmos for good but love finds a way between them and throws everything into chaosThis book had plenty of angsty drama as wolves and vampires fight to get a hold of Emma and the essence she has in her blood I only wished that there had been a little romantic connection between Emma and Damien and that the ending didn t feel uite so rushed but on the whole it was a good story and I would definitely read from this author in the future