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  • No One You Know
  • Michelle Richmond
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  • 20 October 2020
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Michelle Richmond í 4 Summary

Michelle Richmond í 4 Summary Free read º PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook í Michelle Richmond No One You Know Read & Download è 104 Later two Americans meet in a remote village in Nicaragua Ellie is now a professional coffee buyer an inveterate traveler and incapable of trust Peter is a ruined academic And their meeting is not by chance As rain beats down on the steaming rooftops of the village Peter leaves Ellie with a gift the notebook that Lila carried everywhere a piece of evidence not found with her body Stunned Ellie will return home to San Francisco to explore the mysteries of Lila’s notebook filled with mathematical euations and begin a search that has been waiting for her all these years It will lead her to a hundred year old mathematical p. Well this was a pleasant surprise I picked it up from the used paperbacks in a hotel my own pile of Republic of Consciousness Prize longlist re reads having been exhausted before the holidays end I had forgotten how concise so many of them were and also how on a re read of complex books things slot together so much easier Faced with the usual array of crime series novels I picked this simply for being a standalone novel I hardly expected then a protagonist who studies Eastern European literature searching for the truth behind the death of her brilliant pure Mathematician sister One whose reading matter as a result flips from GH Hardy s A Mathematician s Apology to Milan Kundera s The Book of Laughter and ForgettingOne who is eually comfortable uoting Paul Erdos as Graham Greene A plot based heavily around Hilbert s Problems One which explores within a crime fiction both the nature of proof in a mathematical context the epigraph being from Blaise Pascale and the nature of storytelling the stories we tell ourselves those we accept from other people and those told about us without our permission and of truth in both a literary fiction psychological and non fictional setting And one with some fascinating insights into coffee tasting growing and buying plus some great local colour around San Francisco My overall feelings on reading this book were two fold One reflecting on the serendipity that a mathematician reader of literary fiction and non coffee drinking director of a coffee shop would have picked up and started this ostensible crime fiction with no idea of the connections The second that Ian McEwan should be forced to read this book and learn how background research can be used to enhance rather than ruin a book Overall an excellent read but kept at four stars due to the implausible and unecessary progress on the eighth problem at the book s conclusion

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Michelle Richmond í 4 Summary Free read º PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook í Michelle Richmond No One You Know Read & Download è 104 From the New York Times bestselling author of The Year of Fog No One You Know is a thoroughly riveting literary thriller Booklist starred review All her life Ellie Enderlin had been known as Lila’s sister Until one day without warning the shape of their family changed forever Twenty years ago Lila a top math student at Stanford was murdered in a crime that was never solved In the aftermath of her sister’s death Ellie entrusted her most intimate feelings to a man who turned the story into a bestselling true crime book a book that both devastated her family and identified one of Lila’s professors as the killerDecades. It s official I am a huge fan of Michelle Richmond s writing style and of her storytelling and especially the characters she creates and the subject matter she chooses My admiration for her The Year of Fog was not a fluke I was wowed by this book also I plan to read her other older published novel and book of short stories and any other writing she creates that I can get my hands on In this novel the author has profound truths to say about stories life and loss and I don t think I m using hyperbole by claiming thatIt was written beautifully and includes than a smattering of incredibly lovely sentences If I hadn t been so eager to keep reading I d have given in to the temptation to note a couple of them so I d remember them long after reading the book On page 196 of this book there s a very very funny reference to her previous novel The Year of Fog done without naming its title showing an impeccable sense of humor but not deserving of the jabs she took at that book in my opinion Having that passage in this book gave wonderful comic relief for those readers who have already read her The Year of FogI guess these two books are mysteries of a sort although I have them tagged as fiction I realize that the books I have tagged as mystery are generally those that are part of a mystery series and these are stand alone novels but they are literary mysteriesMy main gripe was that while reading this book many times I wanted to call out No don t go there alone No don t confront that person yourself I m not sure that those parts of the story were flawed it may be that it s just that in some circumstances I m a complete wimp and overly cautious But overall this was a very satisfying read I really love how in her novels I learn all sorts of new things about the world something that I don t find in all fiction In The Year of Fog it was photography and memory in this book it was coffee and mathematicsThis book has made me think a great deal about the stories I ve told and tell myself about my own history and about my own life It s a very thought provoking readAddendum I just got hold of a paperback edition of this book and it has a particularly good reader s guide in the back In addition to the commonly added discussion uestions which are excellent here there s other very uniue material There s a conversation between the author and her two sisters and they talk about not only this book but The Year of Fog and Richmond s other books too Having this included is of particular interest because No One You Know is about two sisters and their relationship is an important part of the story The author states she thinks music is an important part of a book club meeting and there s a wonderful No One You Know playlist included each song has some explanatory information about why it s included Now I ve never seen anything like this in the back of a book There are also two recipes for coffee cocktails also a lot of fun since coffee has such a prominent place in this book These inclusions are all very satisfying

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Michelle Richmond í 4 Summary Free read º PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook í Michelle Richmond No One You Know Read & Download è 104 Uzzle to a lover no one knew Lila had to the motives and fate of the man who profited from their family’s anguish and to the deepest secrets even sisters keep from each other As she connects with people whose lives unknowingly swirled around her own Ellie will confront a series of startling revelations from the elouent truths of numbers to confessions of love pain and lossA novel about the stories and lies that strangers lovers and families tell and the secrets we keep even from ourselves Michelle Richmond’s new novel is a work of astonishing depth and beauty at once heartbreaking provocative and impossible to put dow. This is a book suffering from multiple personality disorder It might be a story of a character reconciling with her past it might be a murder mystery it might be a romance but it is successful at none of these Richmond begins with a sound premise a young woman living life in the shadow of her sister s unsolved murder Then the author seems to lose track of her own aims Her protagonist s actions are not uite credible in a number of scenes and the purported reasons for the actions are often faulty Her investigations lead to a very contrived resolution to the who done it and the romance is never than a possibility To top it all off Richmond feeds us windy lessons from some hackneyed writer s manual as well as pages of yawn inducing mathematical philosophy neither of which has any honest connection to the story at hand the former supposedly words of a college lecturerbookwriter and the latter the specialty of the murdered sister but with no connection to her cause of death or to the protagonist s reconciliation efforts Disappointing at best