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  • 08 February 2020
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Idaho AUTHOR Dana Fuller Ross characters ☆ 109 Rob Martin falls the perilous task of turning a wilderness into a safe homeland for the generations to come But shadowy figures from the past plot a deadly revenge for Toby his beautiful wife Clarissaa passionate English lady arouses dangerous desires in unscrupulous men the rising sun lights up majestic snow capped peaks as a new day for freedom dawns on the matchless grandeur of IDAH. Continuous story of families moving westward Good reads

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Idaho AUTHOR Dana Fuller Ross characters ☆ 109 Ew governor of Idaho Territory Toby Holt across nearly impassible mountains as a desperate United States government seeks to bring law order to this untamed territory Criminals have already staked their claims in the saloons bordellos of Boise Marauding Indian bands are spreading murder mayhem among terror stricken settlers To Toby Holt son of legendary wagon master Whip Holt his friend. 13th in series I love this whole series and am reading it all In 1869 the railway made it possible for a person to travel from New york to San Francisco in 1 week compared to 3 or 4 months with the first wagon train to Oregon from the East The Nez Perce Indians under Running Bull and the Shoshone Indians were on reservations but still raided Idaho

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Idaho AUTHOR Dana Fuller Ross characters ☆ 109 Only the most daring crossed the River of No Return to enter this wild lawless region Mountains laden w riches lured prospectors burning w gold fever Easy money brought ruthless young men w guns for hire hidden amid the vast forests of white pine Indian warriors who gathered to drive the white man from the red man's ancestral homeIDAHO Two battalions of brave calvary troops escort the n. This one totally missed the mark Many of the main characters who were headliners in past books were pushed to the back while new characters were front and center Also for the very first time it felt like I was reading a very badly written harleuin romance novel Sure there was some brief historical aspects in it but the establishment of these new characters which will carry forth in the next book was the main aspect It also felt like another author stepped in someone not familiar with what the series actually is about Ugh just ugh