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Summary Ý PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Lisa Phillips Manhunt AUTHOR Lisa Phillips Free download î 104 To protect his risk taking partner He doesn't agree with her methods but he's drawn to the single mom who wants to prove she can make it in a demanding job When her daughter is almost kidnappe. The action is intense and begins early on There is a good buildup of suspense and lots of close calls to engage the reader RT Book Reviews 4 12 stars

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Manhunt AUTHOR Lisa Phillips

Summary Ý PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Lisa Phillips Manhunt AUTHOR Lisa Phillips Free download î 104 CHASING JUSTICE A daring escape by a dangerous fugitive puts US marshals Eric Hanning's and Hailey Shelder's careers and lives on the line With the criminal vowing revenge Eric feels duty bound. What happens nextManhunt is Lisa Phillips newest book It comes after Star Witness and follows Eric Hanning Aaron s twin brother I have immensely enjoyed Ms Phillips previous books and was very excited when I realized this was Eric s book I love it when an author continues in something of a series and connects the books and characters rather than leaving us hanging wondering what happens to them I can happily say that I loved this bookMs Phillips does an excellent job with the details and descriptions bringing the town and characters to life It is very obvious that she did extensive research for this book to accurately portray the US Marshal Service I would have liked a few character descriptions but that probably would have made the book too long for this particular publisherI really enjoyed getting to know Hailey Shelder and her daughter Kerry Hailey is very strong and determined a good trait for someone working what many consider to be a man s job I could easily relate to her desire to prove herself She works around men all day who see her as a little girl While she isn t excited about getting a new partner she does appreciate the fact that he takes some of the attention away from her She is also a single parent and struggles to balance her job and being there for her preteen daughter I liked getting to know her and learn who she is behind the US Marshal badge She has made mistakes in her past but she doesn t let them weigh her down I appreciated her strength but also her ability to be vulnerable even though she does fight it at every turnEric Hanning is an interesting hero We met him in Star Witness as Mackenzie s WITSEC contact but after his position being revealed he is transferred to fugitive apprehension He is a somewhat reluctant hero in that he really doesn t want to be there in fact would rather be anywhere but there Eric is also strong and stubborn maybe so than Hailey He also has a soft side that he shares with few but seems to come through whenever he s with Hailey and her daughter After being hurt in the past he has shut himself off from almost everyone I uickly fell in love with Eric and was anxious to see his wounded heart healedI really enjoyed Hailey and Eric s relationship as well The story covers a relatively short amount of time but I was surprised to find that their relationship didn t feel rushed There is actually little in the way of romance in the story which undoubtedly helped It was of them getting to know each other while trying to survive a flood catch their escapee and investigate a years old jewel heist They don t exactly have time for anything beyond that and most of their conversations revolve around everything that s happening The spiritual element is always fairly low key in Lisa s books but it resounds just the same They discuss forgiveness and both think about trusting God though they each have their reasons for why they re struggling Despite the lack of page time God is clearly woven throughout and I enjoyed Eric and Hailey s spiritual journeys just the same They both ask uestions that challenge me and cause me to think Lisa definitely excels at suspense This book kept me on the edge of my seat from almost the first page and I didn t want to put it down Things happen rapid fire and just when you think nothing else can happen she throws another wrench into it I loved the guessing trying to figure out what might happen next and when they might finally catch the villain My only complaint is that one of the last chapters seemed a little like something out of an action movie and I didn t find it overly realistic I highly recommend this book if you enjoy suspense with a bit of romanceI received a complimentary copy of this book from the author for my honest review which I have given I was not reuired to write a positive review and have not been compensated for it in any way All opinions expressed are my own

Summary Ý PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Lisa Phillips

Summary Ý PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Lisa Phillips Manhunt AUTHOR Lisa Phillips Free download î 104 D Eric and Hailey go from uneasy partners to a true team But with floodwaters threatening the town and a killer on the loose can their newfound trust survive the final showdown that awaits them. Manhunt is an exciting story dealing with US marshals The suspense is just getting intense when the city starts flooding and the dam threatens to break Talk about excitement The new team of marshals Eric and Hailey have to put their pasts behind them and trust each other and God to bring them through safely Author Lisa Phillips does a great job of showing how God can help us overcome our past whatever it was and learn to trust him I highly recommend this romantic suspense I won this book in a giveaway This is my honest opinion