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    Pdf New [The Undead Pool] ò Kim Harrison This book is EPIC Let's kick this off with a few of my favorite uotes And the kissA tingle raced through me Slowly my smile faded Ellasbeth didn't know what she had You've had that elf as your familiar for over a year and he's not put the sparkle in your scrying mirror even once? Trent leaned back eyeing us over his scribb

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    Pdf New [The Undead Pool] ò Kim Harrison A Wild Magic Ride To say this book is highly anticipated might just be the biggest understatement I’ve ever made I can think of no other series where the author has led readers to such an unbearable edge of anticipation held them there mercilessly for what seems like millennia and made them grateful for it It smacks of pure masochism if you ask me I had no idea I swung that way but apparently I’m all for itOf course I’m tal

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    Pdf New [The Undead Pool] ò Kim Harrison Kim Harrison ↠ 6 review SpoilersWhat the hell has happened to this series? It went from Rachel having adventures working on cases with Ivy and Jenks and getting into all sorts of trouble to Rachel fawning over Trent and blushing like a schoolgirl jammy cow idiot twit Everything was about bloody Trent his boring kids his dull elves and his 'oh I'm such a martyr I'm

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    Pdf New [The Undead Pool] ò Kim Harrison Will they or won't they? That's all this book is about If you haven't read this series yet Stop Unless you're in the mood for reading about stuff that isn't going to make sense This review is for the diehard fansthe ones that have struggled through all the Ivy nonsense and the Nick Kisten Marshal Pierce drama The ones that have cheered for Rachel from her early witch struggles to the maturity that she has shown in this book YOU know who

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    Pdf New [The Undead Pool] ò Kim Harrison Kim can't write fast enough for me I just love her The Hollows novels with Rachel the itchy witch her 2 best buds Ivy Jenks

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    characters The Undead Pool Pdf New [The Undead Pool] ò Kim Harrison Kim Harrison ↠ 6 review What can I say about a book that I’ve been waiting for since at least book three? To say that it was amazing heartbreaking uplifting

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    Pdf New [The Undead Pool] ò Kim Harrison 2718 ON SALE for 199 starsReviewed by Rabid ReadsSo I realize that I’m diving straight into this without having reviewed the previous ELEVEN it makes me happy that “eleven” is so close to “elves” books but I promise I’ll get to them before the series ends next yearsobsI’m also going to do my darnedest to not be spoiler

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    Kim Harrison ↠ 6 review Pdf New [The Undead Pool] ò Kim Harrison Who are you and what have you done to Rachel ?I finally finished reading TUP this morning and I've been struggling to decide how many stars to give it ever since vacillating between 2 and 4 So I've been doing what I do best procrastinating in putting in my rating and review and finally decided on 3 stars for nowTo say that I had been looking forward to this book is a huge understatement I had it all planned out reading

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    Pdf New [The Undead Pool] ò Kim Harrison characters ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ Kim Harrison characters The Undead Pool Book – The Undead Pool The Hollows #12Author – Kim HarrisonPublication Date – February 25 2014Type – Part of SeriesGenre –

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    Pdf New [The Undead Pool] ò Kim Harrison EPIC This book was just perfect All the waiting we had to do for it's release was totally worth itFull review to comeOld Status 2014 is toooooooo far away 'Yay Here's the synopsis FINALLYHere is the first chapter of the bookChapter One

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characters ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ Kim Harrison

The Undead Pool

review The Undead Pool ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Witch and day walking demon Rachel Morgan has managed to save the demonic ever after from shrinking but at a high cost Now strange magic is attacking Cincinnati and the Hollows causing sp. This book is EPIC Let s kick this off with a few of my favorite uotes And the kissA tingle raced through me Slowly my smile faded Ellasbeth didn t know what she had You ve had that elf as your familiar for over a year and he s not put the sparkle in your scrying mirror even once Trent leaned back eyeing us over his scribbled legal pad You have amazing friends I need them to stay alive through my amazing life I said and Ivy became almost sultry as she pulled herself together in her chair and smiled at Trent So this is the book It s the moment of truth for uite a few readers Do I really need to explain why at this point Okay I ll tell you a story about a witch and an elfWith pressure building for literally a decade now that s a LOT for a book to live up to With 11 books under its belt Rachel Morgan has gone through uite a bit Her ties to the Ever After and its never ending problems in her life continue In Ever After she had to save the parallel universe from shrinking due to her faulty ley line Now her home town has to deal with dangerous magic causing routine spells to backfire leading to countless accidents injuries and pure chaos all over the city With magic in shambles the race relations among all species human and Inderlander alike soon followUndead vampires are down but not uite out so Rachel has to figure out what s wrong with the magic in order for them to restore balance before this madness leads to a point of no return To do this will reuire her to tap into wild elven magic It s as unpredictable as it is ancient so I think it s safe to say our favorite itchy witch has her work cut out for her the story of her life Thankfully she has her friends and her favorite elf Trent Kalamack who will do all they can to help herSo how is it Well it isn t just epic it really is EPICEmotionalI m sure readers will finish this book with lots of feels I pretty much went through the emotional wringer with this one but I found myself satisfied with the outcome of the book even though things aren t perfect That s the beauty of The Hollows Rachel and her friends have to earn everything and it s a constant fight to keep it together We d be in for a truly boring journey if things were too easy Trent is not featured on the cover of this book for the hell of it If you like him you can look forward to seeing a lot of him and his life If you don tyou ll still see a lot of him and his life Either way we get a sense of how Rachel can and can t uite fit into it and he into hers Since they are both adrenaline junkies in their own right the results are fairly interesting but any long term prospects will lead to a few roadblocksObstacle 1 Ellasbeth ooh Ellasbeth Talk about baby mama drama Kim Harrison knows how to make this character grate on a reader s nerves THIS reader in particular Her cute little nickname from Trent doesn t help matters Though even I will admit that reading about Ellasbeth isn t all bad For someone with so much dignity supposedly even she gets pretty desperate and her subtle attempts to one up Rachel expose her own glaring insecurities At the heart of it all I could think to myself is that Trent s been there done that and bought the t shirt so why does she still try so hard There are times when you really want to try to like her for the sake of the children but she does not make it easy She is here until the end of the series so be readyObstacles 2 and 3 The demons and the elves Elves and demons don t have the best history and our favorite demon Big Al loves to remind Rachel of this On the other side of the lines Trent s elven community is less than thrilled as well I honestly feel for Al uite a bit here He is not featured as heavily in this book as he was in Ever After sorry Al fans I love him too but his scenes were really profound and important further driving home the suffering demons have endured partly due to their past with the elves I have a feeling this is necessary to help tie up loose ends in the big pictureBut even with those obstacles and that star crossed lovers element the chemistry between Rachel and Trent is as strong as ever and it s high time for a definitive move one way or the other Rachel still tries to fight it with good reason but she s not the only one Trent understands his responsibilities too which should be elsewhere But as the great Phoebe Buffay once said ProgressiveThere s real movement here in the overall plot and the potential future of The Hollows and Inderlanders in general Elves are starting to make their move for better or worse Vampires seem to be taking a stand against their undead masters the IS and the FIB both have to get their heads out of their rear ends to work together and even the werewolves get some time to shine Fans of David will enjoy his involvement with the storyline though I found it somewhat bittersweet Either way change is on the horizon for the Inderlander community and it all goes back to Rachel in one way or another I love how it all ties in togetherIntriguingIf you thought we learned enough about the world of The Hollows think again The use of the magic here was really interesting and the results turn everything on its head Wild magic is really its own beast and it is a little refreshing to see Rachel try to manage something other than earth and ley line magic It s less tangible making the possibilities feel pretty endless In this book the state of The Hollows in reality is not far removed from the Ever After with the fabric of civilization crumbling It s uite a good character study to see how people react in desperate timesMore layers of characters we thought we knew very well are pulled back proving once again that Harrison is a master at what she does You don t come to the Hollows for cookie cutter one note characters The world and its characters are complicated and ever evolving It s one of the reasons I can t uite get enoughComedicJenks is in top form here I don t think he s been this uotable since the earlier books before Matalina s passing Clearly time heals all wounds even for pixies because he provides some of the best laugh out loud dialogue that I ve read in a uite while from him Of course he s not only a source of comic relief He lives up to the pixy name by being a good judge of character and the all around voice of reason especially when it comes to Trent and Rachel s beating around the bush with each other He says what we re all thinking There s of the TrentJenks bromance that readers of Million Dollar Baby will enjoy tooSo all in all for me this book was indeed epic I continue to be impressed with its high uality going into the home stretch There are some truly amazing moments and chapters in this book that will be talked about for a long long time ESPECIALLY a certain chapter that I m not going to mention herechapter 22 Anyway practically every new book is my favorite since Pale Demon and this one is the BEST yet for sure Normally I like to dog ear certain parts to re read again but I literally wanted to do that for the whole book I am grateful for my kindle and it s lovely highlighting and bookmarking features or else my tree version of this book would be a messWith just one book to go before The Hollows closes up shop I cannot WAIT to see how this all ends now I just know that I am so so happy that this is my favorite series Kim Harrison hasn t let me down at all and though I m going to miss this dearly when it s done I am 100% confident she will give this series the ending it deservesSo uh should I tell you how I really feelARC Provided by the PublisherReview also posted to Old updatesview spoilerPre 1120145 SMEXY ELFTASTIC STARS Best Book EVAHOh and uh one of these may or may not come in handy Full review to come 10212013With Kim Harrison s author read along Harper Voyager is offering the books for 199 for a limited time while we re reading them with Kim I bought The Good the Bad and the Undead and it offered Chapter 2 of The Undead Pool So if you re really anxious for you should check it out though the last line of the chapter will leave your head spinning will be offering the chapters on her site for free eventually but if you just can t wait there you have it Pre 1072013ARC available for reuest though approval is not guaranteed AND RACHEL SMEX BRING IT ONYou guys know me I typically don t rate things 5 stars before actually reading them but with the cover reveal and what I KNOW is going to be happeningyeah I don t think I need psychic powers to know how much I m going to love this What I REALLY need is an ARC Great first chappie too A promise of things to come for sure hide spoiler

characters The Undead Pool

review The Undead Pool ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ep the rest of the undead under control are lost and it becomes all out supernatural war However the only way to do so is through the ancient elven wild magic which carries its own perils. 2718 ON SALE for 199 starsReviewed by Rabid ReadsSo I realize that I m diving straight into this without having reviewed the previous ELEVEN it makes me happy that eleven is so close to elves books but I promise I ll get to them before the series ends next yearsobsI m also going to do my darnedest to not be spoilery for this particular book but as it s the twelfth book avoiding spoilers for the series in its entirety is probably beyond my abilities You have been dully warnedKim Harrison s The Hollows is my second favorite Urban Fantasy series and as such it s one of the series that I ve bothered my friends and family into reading I love it They love it Everyone is happy Especially now that it seems like Trent and Rachel are finally getting their shit togetherSince the very beginning I ve had a thing for Trent Rachel s had half a dozen flings along the way that have all ended in varying degrees of BAD but Trent of all the jerk of my dreams characters in the world he may be my favoritesighs wistfullySO everyone who shared this perspective was THRILLED a few books back when his and Rachel s relationship began to change Ever since then Harrison has seemed to be leading us towards a happily ever after HA but did it finally happen in The Undead Pool I ll never tellREAD IT smirksIn The Undead Pool Rachel has been providing security for Trent for the past three months while uen is in Cali with Ellasbeth and the girls who are due to arrive back any day now The sexual tension will blow Your Friggin Mind The last night before Rachel is off the job Cincy goes to Hell something is causing magical misfires of epic proportionsAt this point I feel it s necessary to inform you that I ve been in a bit of a book funk I don t seem to be loving much of anything right now so there s a distinct possibility that when the re read occurs next year I ll be all OMG that book was AMAZING Right now however something just didn t uite jive for me Can you guess what it wasThe freaking mysticsI mean what in the world An Elvish goddess who s not really a goddess but a collective mind made up of energy whose individual thoughts the mystics are sentient but who may have been an actual goddess tangible person once upon a timeHuhAND Rachel has been concerned over the state of Ivy s soul or the lack of one when she transitions from living vampire to undead almost since the beginning and for probably the last half of the series she s been actively trying to come up with a solution I think that that s the endgame for The Hollows finding a way for vampires to keep their soulsThe point is that we ve all known for a while what was comingBUT this lead in just felt I don t know contrived A previously unheard of sect of vampires out to take over at the very least the vampire portion of the supernatural races We d never heard of the Humans Against Whatever from A Perfect Blood either but at least when the concept was introduced there were background stories to support its existence This time it was just BOOM Free VampiresAnd the whole situation was engineered by whatwhoDavid at some point in this book says that Rachel saved Trent that Trent had been headed down a completely different and ruthless path but Rachel saved him from himself Maybe Harrison was drawing a parallel about the kind of man Trent would have become without Rachel s influence Maybe Probably WhateverIntentional parallel or not all the ends and outs of this installment didn t gel for me the way others have It was still good I love Rachel and Trent and Jenks and everyone else and Harrison upheld all of the established elements of her series there is nothing out of left field here unlike a not to be named other series that ended recently But all the time I spent with my brow furrowed in confusion while I was reading makes this a four star book for me I wasn t able to just sink into the story and let it take me overStill The Hollows continues to have a cast of characters that is both original and dynamic and its conclusion next year is sure to be bittersweet Don t let the series end catch you unawares get caught up and soonMy other reviews for this series Dead Witch Walking The Hollows 1 The Good the Bad and the Undead The Hollows 2 Every Which Way But Dead The Hollows 3 A Fistful of Charms The Hollows 4 For a Few Demons More The Hollows 5 The Outlaw Demon Wails The Hollows 6 White Witch Black Curse The Hollows 7 Black Magic Sanction The Hollows 8 Pale Demon The Hollows 9 Into the Woods Tales from the Hollows and Beyond

characters ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ Kim Harrison

review The Undead Pool ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ells to backfire or go horribly wrong and the truce between the races between Inderlander and human is shattering Rachel must stop the occurrences before the undead vampire masters who ke. What can I say about a book that I ve been waiting for since at least book three To say that it was amazing heartbreaking uplifting funny life affirming maddening romantic and bittersweet is all accurate and yet still woefully insufficient The fact that this is the penultimate book in what will be a 13 book series makes it even that much incredible Most long running series outstay their sell by date and go out with a whimper with some readers relieved if not downright happy to see them go I predict that will not be the case with this series I foresee rather that this series will do what all great series doleave us wanting As for this particular installment wellRachel has had a rather uiet three months since the end of Ever After the last book in the series She s filled her days by working as Trent s security since uen has been on the West Coast supervising Ellasbeth s time with Ray and Lucy That down time soon comes to a screeching halt however when spells start misfiring causing all sorts of panic and chaos all over Cincinnati As Rachel and the gang set about trying to figure out what s causing magic to go wonky they find a chain reaction of trouble ready to explode interspecies relations sky high Along the way we find out some really interesting things While the demons and the Ever After don t play as big a role here as they did in the last book what IS there is important Newt continues to be the crazy wise woman who speaks in riddles I still can t decide if she was trying to warn Rachel off certain actions or if she was encouraging them You never uite know what she s going to say or do but that s why I love her Then there s Al Oh Al He made me feel sad for him he made me feel annoyed with him This is clearly a demon with some emotional baggage We get a bit of his backstory here and it s heartbreaking but there is clearly still to discover Hopefully we ll be getting it all in the next book because Al s story clearly isn t doneIvy and Jenks are still in the mix and it was actually nice to see of Ivy this time around than we ve had of her lately She continues to move forward with her life and it s nice to see her so happy even though she s dealing with some stressful things in her own life Jenks is ever his awesome self providing the glue and the heart that holds everything together I did miss Belle in this book since I find her relationship with Jenks cute In addition to Rachel s two BFFs we also get the return of some key characters from past books playing integral roles in Rachel s attempts to save the worldagain As this series is winding down there is the definite sense that we are being given the chance to say goodbye and to walk away knowing that these characters that we have grown to know and love will still be out there doing what they do best long after that last cover is closed We also find out about the current political climates for both the vampires and the elves and I expect that both will continue to play out in the final book Up until now we haven t ever really had a good picture of elven society and how it works outside of a few references made here and there throughout the series We get uite a bit information here as we meet two new elves and find out just how much Trent s back is really up against the wall To add insult to injury Ellasbeth is back to help make sure that Trent tows the elven company line God but I really hate that woman Just sayingOf course this review wouldn t be complete without talking about Trent His parts with Rachel were some of my favorite from the book Big surprise I know The three months that Rachel has spent working security for him have gone a long way towards shaping the nature of their relationshipand the uestions of what is best what is needed and what is desired loom large This was almost as much Trent s book as it was Rachel s even though it s all still told from her POV so it s fitting then that he shares the cover with her this time around The fact that I could still feel Trent s frustration and despair and his hope even through Rachel s first person POV speaks volumes for Kim Harrison as a writer Trent doesn t have an easy road to travel in this installment not that Ever After was any cakewalk as he finds himself facing ultimatums from his species Does he follow his head or his heart and are they really two different things any What do you do if the person you want to be deep down to your soul isn t the person you re expected to be Trent has some hard decisions to make in this book decisions with some huge costs and ramifications I could say much MUCH but all I will say is that there are some parts of this book that will be worthy of many many re readsThis book as always has some pretty great showdowns fight seuences that get the job done but aren t overly long thank goodness chases on horse even and daring rescues I could talk about those but if you re a Hollows fan you know that Rachel and her crew can kick some serious butt when they need to So on that score they deliver in spades in this book What I really love though what draws me in as a reader what grabs hold of my heart and refuses to let go long after I ve read the last word and closed the book are the characters and the way they relate to each other So while this book has all the action you could want it s also liberally sprinkled with those smaller uieter character moments that infuse the story with heart and soul Pure gold And really what could you want

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