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READ Young Orson í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB E growing up in Wisconsin and Illinois as the son of an alcoholic industrialist and a radical suffragist and classical musician and the magical early years of his career including his marriage and affairs his influential friendships and his artistic collaborationsThe tales of his youthful achievements were so colorful and improbable that Welles with his air of mischief was often thought to have made them up Now after years of intensive research McGilligan sorts out fact from fiction and reveals untold fully documented anecdotes o. A splendid book on Orson WellesIt starts a little slowly with a lot of material about his parents but what makes this book valuable is that it looks at Welles early career with a sympathetic eye Unlike Simon Callow s The Road to Xanadu We get to marvel at the inventiveness and energy of Welles and in another nice touch McGilligan takes Welles seriously as a writerThe book takes us up to the first day of shooting on Citizen Kane and then leaps to the last day of Welles life In a way this is the kind of biography Welles would have liked fun focused on the accomplishments and not scolding or looking for the hidden flaw that would spoil everything I learned some things about Welles I never knew and I found this book most enjoyable

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READ Young Orson í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB F Welles's first exploits and triumphs from starring as a teenager on the Gate Theatre stage in Dublin and bullfighting in Sevilla to his time in the New York theater and his fraught partnership with John Houseman in the Mercury Theatre to his arrival in Hollywood and the making of Citizen Kane Filled with intriguing new insights and startling revelations including the surprising true origin and meaning of Rosebud Young Orson is a fascinating look at the creative development and influences that shaped this legendary artistic geni. Orson Welles all his appetites were outsized food alcohol female companionship work play disputes loyalty Larger than life indeed Pat McGilligan pays homage to Welles with a fittingly massive biography The subtitle if somewhat ponderous accurately describes the subject matter The Years of Luck and Genius on the Path to Citizen Kane A poignant coda covers Welles last day on earth but otherwise all roads indeed lead to Citizen Kane There may be an assumption that Kane was the apotheosis of Welles career that s or less conventional wisdom not necessarily Pat s view at least as expressed here It s fair to say I think that Kane is a work of unuestioned genius So then taking Welles career to Kane and no farther sharpens the uestion of how much of Welles trajectory to that point can be apportioned to genius and how much to luck Wisely Pat leaves that conclusion to the reader Welles was preternaturally mature at least in the sense that at an early age he could comfortably relate to high functioning successful adults who seemed to treat him as a near eual Combine that with the boy s unadulterated love for performance including staging plays Shakespeare in particular and you simply take as given a genius for language and social intelligence without caring what his scored I might have been As for luck great artists tend to make their own don t they The recently orphaned Orson takes off for Ireland as an adolescent and in the course of his travels manages to befriend some of its most celebrated actors and land stage roles of his own Luck or exploiting opportunities we mere mortals would have missed I won t belabor the point while On the Road to Kane Welles invariably found himself in the right place at the right time and just maybe that s because he was himself the uniuely right person to recognize and seize the opportunity the typically blinkered individual would have missed Many philosophers from Lefty Gomez to Napoleon have expressed a preference for being lucky rather than good Better lu I d prefer to see it as a function of the better you are the that luck seems to come your way Welles made his own luck I d sayA word on Pat s writing which is a sheer pleasure to read Pat has a genuine knack for finding the right word the precise adjective the witty epigram Orson s maternal great grandfather led a uiet tick tock tick tock existence and looked like a clock of a man John G Ives s progress toward prosperity was also metronomic And Delores Del Rio who freuently served as a tabula rasa for the men in her life enjoyed listening to Orson almost as much as he enjoyed listening to himself And Alcoholism usually brought out Orson s sympathy it reminded him of his father and of John Barry too and alcoholism allowed him to rationalize all manner of outrageous behavior Mankiewicz was like a writer s Barry In a Sports Illustrated column Tom Verducci employed a Latin phrase to describe the incomparable Vin Scully elouentia perfecta Communication of the highest order Seems aptly applied to Young Orson Combine that with Pat s infectious enthusiasm for his subject and an apparent encyclopedic knowledge of the history of dramatic arts film theater radio and you ve got a book I can t recommend highly enoughWelles career didn t end with Kane of course and his subseuent filmography would be the envy of all but a handful of the best directors There s material to be mined in other words not least an exploration of why Welles is thought to have had a failed career true only if measured against the impossible standard of helming the greatest film ever at an impossibly early age But Pat doesn t evince any intent to play Robert Caro to LBJ s Orson Welles That s OK Pat s attained near perfection with this account of Welles early lifeOne minor error The photographic plate displaying several of Welles putative love interests mixes up Tilly Losch and Vera Zorina For that matter the actual picture of Losch doesn t really do her justice she was uite stunning and it s easy to see how Welles would have been so smitten by her Consider this little vignette Shortly after the war Welles was invited as the guest of honor to a celebrity dinner in Vienna The post war mood among the guests was somber According to Jaglom one guest reportedly said Vienna is not what it used to be Something has gone out of Vienna Welles tartly replied Yes The Jews Welles had run across and worked with many Jews in New York and Hollywood of course and his legal guardian was Jewish as well but none were from Vienna at least none that appear in the book Except Tilly Losch

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READ Young Orson í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB On the centennial of his birth the defining wunderkind of modern entertainment gets his due in a groundbreaking new biography of his early years from his first forays in theater and radio to the inspiration and making of Citizen KaneIn the history of American popular culture there is no dramatic story no swifter or loftier ascent to the pinnacle of success and no tragic downfall than that of Orson Welles In this magisterial biography Patrick McGilligan brings young Orson into focus as never before He chronicles Welles's early lif. BOTWhttpwwwbbccoukprogrammesb06tsbz Orson Welles the defining wunderkind of modern entertainment gets his due in a new biography of his early years including his first forays in theatre and radio before his groundbreaking move to Hollywood Read by Jack KlaffEpisode 1 A star is born in KenoshaEpisode 2 Orson gets his first professional acting job at the Gate Theatre DublinEpisode 3 A 20 year old white actor from the Midwest is the surprise appointment to direct Macbeth for the Negro UnitEpisode 4 Until Orson no one wanted to produce Marc Bernstein s pro labour opera The Cradle Will Rock with its clear left wing union sympathies Enthralled with Bernstein Orson with his partner John Houseman commit to a Broadway run But as the hot subject of unionisation rages across the nation the Federal Theatre Project is made to take drastic actionEpisode 5 Welles and Houseman agree on a Halloween Eve adaptation of The War Of The Worlds What could possibly go wrong