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  • The ueen from Provence Plantagenet Saga #6
  • Jean Plaidy
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  • 23 September 2020
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Free read ☆ The ueen from Provence Plantagenet Saga #6 107 Marguerite eldest daughter of the Count of Provence had married a king of France and now her sister Eleanor is determined to make just as grand a match Good fortune and wily cunning bring her Henry of E. I really wanted to like this book I absolutely LOVED Plaidy s Tudor saga and the Borgia books and thought what with this novel being about the people I enjoy studying I would love this tooSadly the novel failed to come to life for me It felt rushed almost as if the author couldn t be bothered to tell the story of Henry and Eleanor There was nothing real no grit no meat no emotion just a very basic and bare retelling of the key points of Eleanor s life with a bit of dialogue thrown in Scenes such as the birth of a child weddings saying goodbye to loved ones etc that should have been filled with feeling were dealt with in a sentence or two Scene setting was often non existent and the prose was repetitiveI was bored for most of the time I was reading this and probably won t be reading any of Plaidy s Plantagenet novels The Tudor and Lucrezia Borgia novels were far superior

Characters The ueen from Provence Plantagenet Saga #6The ueen from Provence Plantagenet Saga #6

Free read ☆ The ueen from Provence Plantagenet Saga #6 107 Vy ever greater taxation on the land and the spectre of revolt soon looms against him For Simon de Montfort the adventurer who will give England its first true parliament the house of destiny is at hand. Fictionalised history of Henry III and his French ueen Eleanor the second daughter of an impoverished Count of Provence with 4 beautiful daughters Eleanor is used to being the ring leader of the four daughters feeling herself cleverer and in every other way the eual of her older sister A Court friend of the Count s sings Marguerite the oldest daughter s praises to the king of France which results in their marriage Eleanor enlists his help and advice to meet Henry of England s brother whilst he is in France and give him a poem she has written about his English seat It bears fruit and results in her marriage to Henry in timeBut she is used to being indulged and fails to see the danger she is putting her husband in by encouraging hin to promote her own relatives and countrymen ahead of English peopleThis is a gentle history and a good way of learning about England and her neighbouring countries in the Plantaganet era

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Free read ☆ The ueen from Provence Plantagenet Saga #6 107 Ngland A good and generous husband but a weak king he rules a nation that still remembers his cruel and foolish father King John As Henry showers gifts on his new bride his extravagance forces him to le. I felt the ending was rushes while in outher ares it drug on forever and repeated some points over and over Dom of Ages Collars and Cuffs #7 in outher ares چهل و چهار 44 قصه از هانس کریستین آندرسن it drug on forever and repeated some points over and over