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Summary å Siren Enslaved Texas Sirens #3 º PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Sophie Oak ¿ 0 Read & Download Free download Siren Enslaved Texas Sirens #3 E still loves in his hometown is Danielle Bay He never told her he was actually bisexual and he never confessed his love for her Now she's getting married and Finn is sure he's lost his chance with the only person he'll ever love Julian's vacation to the Barnes Fleetwood ranch brings them. 2 starsAlmost DNF Fuck I expected Julian Lodge has interesting story and lovers But My expectation is lower than reality Simply I really hated this book So this is why 2 stars1 Insta fucking lust It didn t click for me Even their first meet is pure coincidence but I didn t like how Julian treated Danielle like a delicious steak after his celibate for months2 Their menage didn t work for me Julian Danielle Finn didn t make any sense I didn t think their bonding time is enough Too rushed Finn firmly closed minded with BDSM but he s too busy drooling over Julian s perfect body Ugh3 Finn has been friend zoned for years because he didn t tell her that he s a Bi Ughhh4 Danielle is very naive It s hard to believe she always forgivable especially with Julian And how uickly she s become a pervert woman I just couldn t facepalm5 My hate for Julian is the problem He seemed fine in the previous books he even jokes around Jack and Sam But in this story he s very intense He use BDSM as an excuse for his feeling Damn man you re 40 years old so act like it Again age didn t define your maturity and this case for Julian His attitude is really childish and frustrated me until the end He always push Danielle and Finn away but didn t care about their feeling Me personally will run at very first I m not a patient woman LOLLuckily the story held my interest Their relationship didn t It bored me until the end with the hollow sex BDSM that I didn t find it hot No chemistry between Julian and Danielle Finn Finished with disappointment

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Summary å Siren Enslaved Texas Sirens #3 º PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Sophie Oak ¿ 0 Read & Download Free download Siren Enslaved Texas Sirens #3 All together After Dani jumps into Julian's car while fleeing her wedding Julian knows he has to have her But nothing is easy in Willow Fork A danger from Julian's past threatens them all Julian will have to convince both Dani and Finn that being his will be the best decision they ever ma. After meeting Julian at The Club in the previous book I was really curious to find out about him I wasn t convinced I d be a huge fan of his because he came across as so harsh with his Slaves and he was uite cold towards them but I was curious to see who would be able to capture his heart I really liked both Dani and Finn they ve been best friends since they were at school together and were both always treated as outsiders by the rest of the town Dani has been in love with Finn for as long as she can remember but since he s gay she knows they ll never have than friendship What she doesn t realise is that Finn is actually bi and has been secretly in love with her for their entire relationship he just doesn t think he could be happy with just one woman and doesn t think it s fair to start something with her when he needs Julian is the catalyst that brings the two of them together he s than dominant enough to handle two subs and he knows exactly what they need to make a relationship work I did like getting to see of Julian learning about his past makes it easier to understand why he acts the way he does and we do see him breaking a lot of his own rules when it comes to Dani and Finn so from that you can tell he really does care even if he s not willing to admit it I did feel like it took him a little too long to properly show his true feelings towards them both though I wanted him to warm up a little faster than he did but he keeps himself at a distance until very near the end of the book It was good to see Dani and Finn fighting for what they wanted and I m glad Julian came through for them in the endI still don t like Willow Fork as much as Bliss in general a lot of the town are incredibly judgemental and they still all look down on Jack Sam and Abby s relationship so immediately Julian is tainted in their eyes by his association with them They ve also never accepted Finn because he was gay and even Dani who has never done anything but bend over backwards to look after her ungrateful younger sister since the death of their mother was looked down on because their mother was unmarried Bliss has fun and uirky characters and is of an anything goes type place so the stories set there feel lighter and humorous I m enjoying the suspense side of the Willow Fork books though and Julian s life is turned upside down by the reappearance of a not so friendly face from his pastI have been eating up these rereleases of Lexi Blake s old books and I can t seem to get enough of them Next up in this series is Siren Beloved which stars Lexi Abby s daughter Logan Jack s brother and Aidan the ex we haven t met yet but have heard about in previous books I have very high hopes for their story and can t wait to get hold of a copy

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Summary å Siren Enslaved Texas Sirens #3 º PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Sophie Oak ¿ 0 Read & Download Free download Siren Enslaved Texas Sirens #3 Re released in a second edition with new scenes Julian Lodge has everything a man could want He's rich successful and owns the most exclusive club in Dallas But something is missing Finn Taylor has worked his way up in the world from humble beginnings in Willow Fork Texas The only thing h. 375 STARS Dani was his Oh they might yet belong to someone To Julian But she belonged to Finn Always These re releases have seriously become my crack And Lexi Blake is my favorite dealer I can t get enough I loved finally getting Julian s story even if I did want to throttle him for most of the bookEver since I got a good peek into Julian s kinks I ve been downright salivating for his book He s such a closed off mystery that I couldn t wait to peel away the layers and find out the true man underneath He s also so controlled downright cold that you can t help but know that this front hides something extremely painful and hot blooded And I was so happy to realize I was not wrong Julian is an enigma but he s not one without a weakness and he certainly found that when what he planned as his vacation turns into him harboring a runaway bride and the bisexual man that s been in love with her since they were kids Sounds delicious That s because it isFinn has been in love with his best friend Danielle for as long as he can remember Danielle shares those feelings but has also been convinced that he s gay since he never disclosed his desire for both sexes to her When Danielle realizes that the man she s about to marry is not the one she s meant to be with she makes a run for it Literally Right into the arms of the first available stranger and his car Being the imposing Dom that he is it doesn t take Julian long to realize Danielle s true submissive nature And when Finn comes after her and finally admits his feelings it also doesn t take him long to figure that two submissives does not a happy couple make But Julian is also too broken to offer anything permanent And then there s the added danger of someone clearly being after himSiren Enslaved was a deliciously kinky romance full of suspense and sizzling hot MMF loving I loved Finn s determination and love for Danielle and Danielle s backbone and ability to give as good as she got She may be timid at times but she s no pushover Though I couldn t help but want to slap her sister each time she made an appearance on the pages Julian s aloofness bothered me however While I get his reasoning for being how he is it didn t make it any less frustrating to experience for the entire duration of the story I wanted to shake the man and make him finally see reasonAll in all the ending was satisfying and left me with a craving for the next book I m totally addicted to this series and already salivating for Lucas and Lexi s book ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest reviewFind me on