(The Rancher's Surprise Son) [PDF/EBOOK] ´ Christine Wenger

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  • The Rancher's Surprise Son
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  • 09 March 2020
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review The Rancher's Surprise Son The Rancher's Surprise Son review ✓ 104 Read Ð PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ Christine Wenger 't giving up on his dream of their family The only problem is getting her and the rest of the town to trust him again Besides Laura is harboring a secret that is keeping them apart but could also bond them and little Johnny foreve. Decent story the ending was a little far fetched but this was fiction I liked that the family finally put their feud to rest

review The Rancher's Surprise Son

The Rancher's Surprise Son

review The Rancher's Surprise Son The Rancher's Surprise Son review ✓ 104 Read Ð PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ Christine Wenger S a new man in Laura's life Johnny is three and a half feet tall adores his pony and stares back at Cody with all too familiar blue eyes The Mother Had His Heart Even though Laura insists a uickie marriage produced Johnny Cody isn. The Rancher s Surprise Son by Christine Wenger Cody Masters was sent to prison for killing his mom s second husband The man beat his mom and his 13 year old sister He was killed in the act After three years in prison a feuding next door neighbor got him out of prison and arranged for Cody to work for him at his ranch The neighbor Mr Duke wanted the lady that Cody s mother owned Laura Duke and Cody had loved each other since grade school During a one night stand Laura has a little boy named Johnny who is four years old now Cody didn t know Johnny was his son Come to find out some one else killed the guy and Cody said he did it to protect them A very good read Keeps you on your toes

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review The Rancher's Surprise Son The Rancher's Surprise Son review ✓ 104 Read Ð PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ Christine Wenger The Little Boy Had His Eyes Cody Masters always believed that nothing could keep him and his high school sweetheart Laura Duke apart Not her parents not town gossip not even a jail sentence But when the cowboy returns home he find. Good book Laura Duke is visiting her neighbor and babysitter when she is stunned to see the girl s brother Cody Cody was sent to prison for murdering his abusive stepfather Cody s early release was a surprise and left Laura in a uandaryCody s early release from prison was engineered by Laura s father a prominent rancher who wants the land that Cody s family ranch sits on As part of his parole Cody must work for Mr Duke who is adamant that Cody toe the line and also stay away from LauraCody and Laura have a history together In high school he and Laura were secret sweethearts who believed that nothing could keep them apart Then Cody ended up in jail and Laura had a short lived marriage that produced an adorable son She never talks about the marriage but her son is the center of her life Cody is hurt at first but uickly bonds with little Johnny renewing his determination to get Laura back in his lifeI liked the rekindling of the relationship between Cody and Laura The feelings between them had never died and being near each other again simply fanned the flames I ached for Cody because of the way everyone treated him He had paid his debt and deserved a chance to live a normal life I especially hurt for him at the church picnic and loved the way that Laura supported him I also liked that Laura didn t keep the truth from Cody for very long even though she wasn t ready to tell anyone else Laura frustrated me during a large part of the book because of how she let the thought of other people s opinions keep her from fully accepting Cody back into her life Her attitude broke Cody s heart and made me wonder how they would ever get past it I enjoyed the scene at the barn with Cody s parole officer and how Laura finally began to show a little spine But it was the events later that night that brought everything to a head I loved Cody s calm and collected attitude during the crisis and how he was the one to take charge And I loved the flabbergasted reactions when Laura dropped her bombshell I was happy to see that she finally realized what she had done and was able to move past itThe epilogue was good I liked seeing the changes in Laura s parents and their relationship with Cody s family There was an interesting twist at the end of it even though it wasn t too much of a surprise to me