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The uotable Chesterton free read í PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook G K Chesterton was a literary giant of his age With anexceptional intellect he wrote about history politics economics philosophysocial and literary criticism and theology He published essays novels biographiesshort stories and poetry and the Christian classics Heretics Orthodoxy and The Everlasting Man which C S Lewiscredits as instrumental in his conversion to ChristianityWith much of his finest material out of print or hard to findmodern readers have long needed a standard collection of his best thoughts KevinBelmonte’s The uotable Chesterton bringsthem to you arranged al. Some books are inevitably harder to review than are others If the book has very little coherent structure but is only a collection of essays and uotes this is a maddeningly difficult book to review For that matter it is a difficult book to even read The book The uotable Chesterton is this type of book I really enjoy the subject matter because G K Chesterton is an important light in the worlds of theology apologetics satirewit literature and journalism to name a few Chesterton also greatly influenced C S Lewis whom I owe for the Lord using him to bring me back to a stronger faith in Him I knew that if I attempted to read the book straight through I would eventually get overwhelmed by the lack of structure and the deep treasures of uotes and insights from Chesterton would begin to evade me as my eyes would glaze over So I came upon a solution I decided to spend a couple of weeks mining the uotes for interesting passages to use on my Facebook account and for just everyday insights into issues I contended with or even idly wondered about The book has that many uotes in it where it is uite difficult not to find some interesting uote or saying about a given subject Or at least related to said subject The format of the book is basically the uotes broken up by short essays placed to coincide with whatever uotes are closest to the theme of the essays It is essentially an A Z compendium of the ideas and person of G K Chesterton with essays thrown into the mix at their appropriate alphabetized spot I have to admit that how to rate this book eluded me I was uite disappointed with the simplicity of the essays on Chesterton There were no deep examinations of the man s thought and character Really the essays gave little extra insight into the man to the extent that if someone were to only have read the uotes and skipped the essays they would have learned about the same amount of information on Chesterton as someone who did read them would have learned I realized then that this weakness is probably intentional Surely a man who can find and edit together so many uotes from an abundance of sources can write very deep erudite thoughts about his subject The simple truth is that the author Kevin Belmonte chose not to delve too deeply in his essays My personal belief is that the reason for this is so that anyone who picks up the book out curiosity for the man who inspired C S Lewis s re conversion to Christianity will not be lost in the details They can learn the essentials and see the brilliance that was Chesterton One strength that truly impressed me about the book was how focused the author was on Chesterton s deep religious piety and faith in Christ Some authors have a habit of trying to downplay the religious motive in a subject s life but not Belmonte He gave us the picture of how Chesterton s faith not only influenced but indeed shaped the man that Chesterton became and all that he did Here are some uotes that I thought I would repeat here to give a taste of what you can find in this compendium God is not a symbol of goodness Goodness is a symbol of God G K Chesterton in the book William BlakeMen may keep a sort of level of good but no man has ever been able to keep on one level of evil G K Chesterton in The Innocence of Father Brown Chapter 4 The Flying StarsThere is something psychologically Christian about the idea of seeking for the opinion of the obscure rather than taking the obvious course of accepting the opinion of the prominent G K Chesterton in Orthodoxy Ch 7 The Eternal RevolutionTradition means giving votes to the most obscure of all classes our ancestors It is the democracy of the dead Tradition refuses to submit to the small and arrogant oligarchy of those who who merely happen to be walking about G K Chesterton on tradition in Orthodoxy Ch 4 The Ethics of ElflandWe do not need to get good laws to restrain bad people We need to get good people to restrain bad laws G K Chesterton in All Things Considered Ch 16 Thoughts Around KoepenickIt is idle to talk always of the alternative of reason and faith Reason is itself a matter of faith It is an act of faith to assert that our thoughts have any relation to reality at all G K Chesterton Orthodoxy Ch 3 The Suicide of ThoughtAnd a whole lot of that to go in the actual book Even though the simplicity of the essays bothered me in the end it was excusable given the aims of the author and the incredible breadth of the sources the uotes were gleaned from I highly recommend this book I received this compendium of uotes from G K Chesterton for free from Thomas Nelson publishers via their BookSneeze program I am obligated to read it and give a review on my blog and on a commercial web site such as com Thomas Nelson emphasizes their desire for honest reviews whether positive or negative in order to help them create a better product The opinions above are my honest viewpoint I want to thank Thomas Nelson for allowing me to review this book and thank you all for reading this

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The uotable Chesterton free read í PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ? DONALD MILLER author of the New York Times bestsellers AMillion Miles in a Thousand Years and BlueLike Jazz“Over the years I have delivered thousands of lecturesspeeches talks and sermons; I have written hundreds of articles essaysbooks and reviews; it is an exceedingly rare occasion when any of them shouldfail to contain the words ‘Chesterton once said’ Kevin Belmonte here revealsthat fountain of wit wisdom and wonder GK Chesterton in all hisirresistibly irrepressibly uotable splendor” GEORGE GRANT Pastor ParishPresbyterian Church and Chancellor New College Frankl. Great book

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The uotable Chesterton free read í PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Phabetically by topic with complete original sourcedocumentationThere are entries from Adventure to Cheese Politics toÉmile Zola interspersed with essays about Chesterton’s life and timesHundreds of passages drawn from Chesterton’s fiction poetry essays and otherbooks showcase a man the New York Timeshailed as a “brilliant English essayist” and George Bernard Shaw called a“colossal genius”Endorsements“There isn’t a writer who gets me pacing and smiling andthinking like GK Chesterton His every paradigm shift is an adjustment to my mentalcompass and so a gift?. Chesterton was eually king of one liners as well as of drawn out prose A nice sized compilation of some of his best words and writings