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  • Mannheim Rex
  • Robert Pobi
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  • 21 January 2019
  • 9781612184487

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Download Mannheim Rex 107 Ons of his own Gavin joins Finn on his perilous uest to slay the nightmarish leviathanAn homage to the blockbuster Jaws and the classic American novel Moby Dick Mannheim Rex is a deep dark thriller that switches seamlessly between heartwarming friendship and heart stopping actio. You want to know the best thing about lake monstersRobert Pobi s second novel Mannheim Rex falls firmly within the territory of a literary genre I coined I call it trashy underwater fiction TUF and have ever since I was the editor of a magazine for scuba divers There are many subgenres of TUF killer marine life mermaids talking dolphins undersea city etc Mannheim Rex is of the lake monster subgenre And I ask you how can you go wrong There s a lake and you have a monster It almost writes itselfWell let s give credit where credit is due I think Mr Pobi had a hand in this After the reuisite mysterious fishing death the novel opens in the New York apartment of a hugely successful horror novelist If you stretch your imagination you can probably think of a real world counterpart Not yet forty Gavin Corlie has realized the kind of success most men only dream about but that can t bring his wife back Unable to move past his grief he knows something has to change Almost on a whim he buys a house upstate on Lake CaldasacThere Corlie begins to find some measure of peace and begins to make friends first with Finn a handicapped thirteen year old boy and then with the local doctor treating him But Finn also introduces Gavin to the mysterious goings on at the lake The two of them join together on a uest to uncover the truth and to hunt a lake monsterNow this is all pretty familiar territory to aficionados of TUF but Pobi s having fun with the genre tropes He ll win no literary awards but I ve seen writing that s far worse The plot was fairly predictable especially the identity of the mystery monster but some scenes like a certain basement seuence elevated the material briefly The characters were a mixed bag Corlie was enjoyable enough but Finn drove me nuts I wanted to punch that little handicapped kid He was so annoying Also in addition to the threat in the lake the novel features a second antagonist This character was COMPLETELY over the top It was actually a little hard to believe what I was reading at times The novel s pace was okay a somewhat surprising fact given the book s inflated 540 page lengthMannheim Rex isn t literature but if you re reading this review I don t think that s what you re looking for You want to know the best thing about lake monsters They can turn out to be almost anything I d not encountered this culprit before and despite some predictability Mannheim Rex is a welcome addition to my trashy underwater fiction shelves

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Download Mannheim Rex 107 D accidents but Finn Horn a handicapped boy obsessed with fishing knows the truth There’s a monster in the lake And it wants to feedThirteen year old Finn who is dying of cancer has only one last wish to go down in the record books for catching a real life monster Battling dem. Disclaimer I received an ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest reviewI was nervous going into this one because my defining personality trait is jumpy and I was well scared But this one wasn t nearly as scary as I anticipated and I am glad it had a good monster scary and also a good people scary aspect to itI thought the writing was alright it wasn t the best and it wasn t the worst but I think it kept the book moving along pretty well Considering this book is VERY long I am glad that the writing allowed the pace to move along fairly uickly I found myself a little bored at the start because we knew the lake monster was there but it was made to seem as though it wasn t Or at least no one really believed it so it made me feel awkward for the first 100 or so pagesHowever after these 100 I read the rest of the book in like 25 hours Which considering the size is a pretty good feat I thought the pace was really well done and I didn t feel like there was any part of this novel that I wanted to be cut out or last longer I liked that there were a lot of the necessary predictable tropes and then a lot of little surprises along the way I think the author did a good job of writing a story that people could figure out the basic plot but some of these tropes were subverted to keep you on your toesI really liked all the characters but I thought the romantic relationship between Laurel and Gavin was very uick I feel like we had seen Gavin falling to pieces over his dead wife and then it was like a flip of a switch and he was with Laurel And while I am okay with people moving forward in their lives I thought it was too uick for how we had seen Gavin up to this point I thought there could have been time spent with Gavin and Laurel to see him start to open up before they got together However I did like their relationship and it was nice to see Gavin happy On top of this I thought Sheriff Pope was way over the top While he was a great land monster in relation to the lake monster I thought it was just too much I did really like this one For being a monster of a book I thought it was really well paced I thought the story used the tropes of the genre but also subverted some of them and I really liked the characters If you re looking for a good lake monster story this is the one for youBooks and Ladders Books Are My Fandom Twitter Instagram Bloglovin

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Download Mannheim Rex 107 Recently widowered and grieving Gavin flees New York City for the uiet of the country His new home on Lake Caldasac has surprisingly few visitors and the author soon learns why a suspiciously high number of people have gone missing in the small town The deaths have all been rule. I m a little surprised that this book isn t widely read MANNHEIM REX was one of my favorite reads of 2013 and remains a favorite book in my library This is an excellent coming of age tale about a young boy who loves fishing his reluctant adult mentor and an evil lawman that leaves terror in his wake Both funny and horrific Pobi s tale is also uite poignant He is a wonderful writer The ending really sets up possibilities for a seuel but so far nothing has come forth I sure hope Pobi doesn t leave us hanging Highly recommended