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  • 10 February 2019
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Characters ò Life in a Medieval Village ï PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Free download ã PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB º Frances Gies Free download Life in a Medieval Village Sh East Midlands the Gieses detail the agricultural advances that made communal living possible explain what domestic life was like for serf and lord alike and describe the central role of the church in maintaining social harmony Though the main focus is on Elton c 1300 the Gieses supply enlightening historical context. This is of a survey level work than anything particularly in depth but that s pretty much exactly what I was looking for Like most people who haven t spent a lot of time studying the period my knowledge of medieval life is tainted with all kinds of bits picked up from popular culture For me it s the mishmash of modern and medieval from tabletop RPGs and video games that comes to mind with taverns by the village green suspiciously clean peasants wandering around and not enough attention placed on where all the food comes from If that s your own idea of the past conscious or unconscious Life in a Medieval Village will help set you straightThough I should mention that the title is actually specific It s not life in any generic medieval village because something else that gets lost in popular understanding is that the medieval period wasn t the same in all places at all times see also the common problem with medieval stasis in creative works It s about life in a specific medieval village Elton in England or Aethelington Adelintune Ailincton or Alyngton among others depending on when and who you ask Elton has relatively extensive surviving records so while it s not necessarily representative of anywhere else we can get a pretty good picture of what life was like there and that s valuable in and of itselfOne surprise is just how much daily business was contracted We think of medieval life as being bound by custom and of modern life as being incredibly litigious but the people of Elton took each other to court all the time in both criminal and civil cases Most punishments were fines which makes sense a medieval village was in danger of starvation in the best of times and could hardly be expected to spend resources on having someone sitting in a jail for a while but there is one example of someone being ordered to the stocks And there were fines for everything For failing to provide proper labor for the lord for assault for insulting people for premarital sex the amount of fines levied for which indicated it was incredibly common among all ranks of the peasantry and for any number of other events There are even surviving contracts drawn up as a form of early retirement A landholder would beueath his or her most often in the case of widows land to his heirs in exchange for a promise to be supported for the rest of her life I m surprised that hasn t caught on now honestlySpeaking of classes of the peasantry the village records easily disprove the idea of a sharp lordpeasant distinction with little other differentiation Many of the village offices bailiff reeve woodward ale taster etc were chosen by the peasants themselves from among their number Of the around 200 families in Elton in the records 49 of them provided candidates for the village officers and just eight of them filled over half of the total office spots Similarly there are three broad classes of landholders those who hold no land at all small holders of perhaps 10 acres and large landholders of 50 acres or Selling land was technically illegal since the law reuired it to remain within the family line but in practice no one actually cared and land was sold all the time allowing ambitious or lucky peasants to grow rich and peasants who fell on hard times to beggar themselves Another surprise is how many married priests there were Apparently in medieval England the answer is most of them and those who weren t married still had concubines There s an example given of a cautionary tale where one priest had four children three of whom became priests themselves who urged the priests s concubine to repent of her sin while alive but she refused to and was eventually carried off to hell when she died More compelling to me is the story of the bishop coming to upbraid a vicar for having a mistress The mistress hears of this and assembles a basket of food and meets the bishop on the road When the bishop asks her whereabouts she says she s taking a gift to the bishop s mistress who was recently bedridden due to advanced pregnancy Suitably chastized the bishop visits the vicar and doesn t mention mistresses at all There s uite a bit about farming practices family arrangements the lord s household and privileges a bit of history and everything else you could ask for It can make for somewhat boring reading at times but the chapters are well labeled so if you don t care about The Lord for example you can skip ahead to the next chapter and not really miss any context that will prevent you from enjoying later chapters I m not sure how applicable Life in a Medieval Village is to places outside Elton but it gave me a comprehensive view of life in at least one medieval village

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Characters ò Life in a Medieval Village ï PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Free download ã PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB º Frances Gies Free download Life in a Medieval Village On the origin development and decline of the European village itself an invention of the Middle AgesMeticulously researched Life in a Medieval Village is a remarkable account that illustrates the captivating world of the Middle Ages and demonstrates what it was like to live during a fascinating and often misunderstood e. Have you ever read the Bible Not just the interesting parts but really tried to read the whooollee thing Then some of the boring parts of this book will seem very familiar to you Detailed accounts of laws and who begot who and what the fines were for very specific amounts of landLife in a Medieval Village can be a trying read at times but the little nuggets of interesting information help carry the reader through I would have preferred a narrative history than this format which at times feels very much like lists of information organized into paragraph form I really hate for my non fiction to read like a college research paper and there s a lot of that happening in this bookParticularly baffling was their system of defining obscure terms Often you would encounter a word two or three times before they decided to define it Why not define it the first time it appeared I suspect shoddy editing and while the glossary in the back helped it was certainly incompleteIf you are a dedicated reader of medieval history this book will serve you well If you just have a dabbling interest and don t want to get bogged down in minutiae look elsewhere

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Characters ò Life in a Medieval Village ï PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Free download ã PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB º Frances Gies Free download Life in a Medieval Village The reissue of Joseph and Frances Gies’s classic bestseller on life in medieval villagesThis new reissue of Life in a Medieval Village by respected historians Joseph and Frances Gies paints a lively convincing portrait of rural people at work and at play in the Middle Ages Focusing on the village of Elton in the Engli. The roots of county and village names in England are explained very interesting