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  • The Camel Bookmobile
  • Masha Hamilton
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  • 10 January 2020
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Read & Download The Camel Bookmobile à PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ly with drought hunger and disease Her intentions are honorable and her rules are firm due to the limited number of donated books if any one of them is not returned the bookmobile will not returnBut encumbered by her Western values Fi does not understand the people she see. Fiona Sweeney is an American librarian with a desire to do something with her life something that matters Her family has always been rooted in the same New York neighborhood but Fi isn t content to stay rooted Instead she decides to take a job in Kenya helping to start a traveling library The library takes books by camel to different tribes of people throughout the bush of northeastern Kenya The people of Mididima have differing feelings about the traveling books Matani was sent away by his father to be educated in Nairobi and he returned to teach the children of Mididima However most of the people of Mididima do not share his values or appreciation for books and learning They believe that by learning to read the stories are lost because people do not make an effort to keep them in their brains to retell them orally The elders know that the paper can be destroyed but if the story is in one s brain it cannot go away it cannot be lostMany of the people of Mididima want the library to stop coming altogether And when Taban aka Scar Boy does not return his library books an action that is strictly forbidden chaos erupts in the communityI fell in love with The Camel Bookmobile on page one paragraph oneOne of the strengths of this novel is Hamilton s efforts to take the reader inside the minds of the characters all of the characters The point of view changes by chapter alternating between Fi various people of Mididima and the Kenyan librarian The reader is able to experience the plot from different age perspectives different cultural perspectives different gender perspectives The mesh of these perspectives illustrates the mammoth complexity of cultural change Fi travels to Kenya with the best of intentions but what Fi doesn t realize is that she is seeing everything through the eyes of Western culture And likewise the people of Mididima who are dead set against literacy see things through the eyes of their own culture And when Nature begins to tell them that their way of life cannot be sustained much longer their response is not to learn a new way of living but rather to move to another geographic location that will support their present way of life The novel is almost a tennis match volleying back and forth between the two cultures But then there are times when the cultures mesh and the similarities between fellow members of the human race emergeThe themes of this novel are powerful and they raise uestions that don t have right or wrong answers Themes of this magnitude demand three dimensional characters with strengths and flaws characters who are forever and realistically altered by the events they experience Hamilton doesn t disappoint on this front The silent and most powerful character is Nature Hamilton manages to brilliantly blend the setting into character in this novel The beautiful Kenyan bush is also a remorseless killer and it plays as much a role in the community as any of the human characters doI can t imagine reading this book and not being aware of how we view cultures that differ from our own The Camel Bookmobile is a stunning multi layered multi perspective novel about tolerance about humanity about change I highly recommend it

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Read & Download The Camel Bookmobile à PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ks to help And in the impoverished small community of Mididima she finds herself caught in the middle of a volatile local struggle when the bookmobile's presence sparks a dangerous feud between the proponents of modernization and those who fear the loss of traditional ways. This book was stirred in my memory today I m sure it s been over five years since I read it and I remember enjoying it Now after reading some of the reviews here on GRs I m thinking maybe I ought to read it again Not many people care for it So you are on your own as to whether it s worthwhile for you to read it The author has written several other books maybe I ll take a look at one of those

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Read & Download The Camel Bookmobile à PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Fiona Sweeney wants to do something that matters and she chooses to make her mark in the arid bush of northeastern Kenya By helping to start a traveling library she hopes to bring the words of Homer Hemingway and Dr Seuss to far flung tiny communities where people live dai. Fiona Sweeney is a librarian who accepts a job with a charitable foundation to bring books to remote villages in Africa promoting literacy among the tiny far flung communities of northeastern Kenya These settlements are impoverished lacking roads or schools and the people s lives are steeped in tradition and superstition Because the donated books are limited in number and the settlements are many the library has initiated a tough fine if anyone fails to return a book the bookmobile will stop comingTalk about a clash of cultures What use is reading Tom Sawyer or a how to book on raising children to these people They don t understand the references can t imagine why someone would paint a fence and have no place to buy ANY formula let alone a variety of formulas These are the arguments that the local African officials make trying to dissuade Fiona from persisting in taking the caravan of camels to the villages And yet the reality is that there are stories that inspire and piue interest Some of the residents see good in learning to read and dream of going to the city to further their education Of course others are certain that the drought is a punishment for their reaching beyond their borders or allowing the bookmobile to come to them in the first place That clash of cultures was what was most interesting to me in the book But Hamilton also includes a couple of relationships that become somewhat entangled in the story This took the book in a direction I wasn t expecting and found somewhat dissatisfying