• Paperback
  • 368
  • Red Hot Murder
  • Joanne Pence
  • English
  • 24 January 2020
  • 9780060758059

Joanne Pence æ 6 Summary

Read & Download Red Hot Murder Joanne Pence æ 6 Summary Red Hot Murder Free read Ü 106 Way with her fiance in the sundrenched Arizona desert town where he'd spent time as a boy and maybe explore the possibility of a Southwestern themed wedding feastBut her groom to be is going back there to help a friend investigate th. Well at least Angie was a bit less self absorbed than she has been in some of the previous books She the spoiled youngest daughter of Italian immigrant that are an American success story and are very well off She doesn t think she s spoiled of course but she is While I admire her striving and continual tenacity to find a career for herself but frankly she is her own worst enemy In one book she was totally consumed by the details of her engagement party not her wedding her engagement party She allowed her mother to plan the party but then had trouble after she gave up control She barely was aware and involved in the mystery of that bookIn this one at least she is aware and involved However she is really not prepared for the actual location she is in basically a dude ranch Well maybe dude is a bit strong No one is herding cattle In fact on this ranch there aren t any cattle just ostriches However her designer clothes are totally inappropriate for the situation and she just doesn t seem to really see that or understand It as a good read though a nice enjoyable escape read

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Read & Download Red Hot Murder Joanne Pence æ 6 Summary Red Hot Murder Free read Ü 106 Dilettante chef Angie Amalfi doubts if she'll actually survive her engagement to San Francisco homicide detective Paavo Smith what with her meddling mom micromanaging the whole affair So Angie leaps at the chance to spend some time a. To be fair maybe I would have liked it had I read earlier books but I doubt it Honestly Angie is a very annoying character She and her detective fianc e Paavo are in Arizona where he s originally from to meet the man who raised him and to meet a childhood friend while Angie scouts of potential wedding venues However the childhood friend has been found dead the lodge they are staying in doesn t seem to want them not to mention the original owner is also dead and the deaths might be connected and the new owners are looking to a inherit b a way to run Angie off and if they can t c get her to help out as a cook in an upcoming town wide partyI found Angie to be TSTL in too many cases like telling her fianc she can ride a horse when she can t and nearly gets hurt She follows a man she thinks doesn t like her out into the desert to some isolated cave And those are just a couple of non spoilery examples I got tired of her running around talking about all her designer and highly expensive clothing though it was vaguely amusing that the incompentant policeman was fascinated by her fashion sense and oh I really dislike cozies with dumb cops But I think what annoyed me most was that Angie was actually annoyed that no one would tell her things she thought they should so she could gather clues Keep in mind these people are literal strangers to her WHY would they confide in her Again it made her look stupid and spoiled especially when she has a melted down and is very rude to a popular local person because no one will tell her their secrets I about stopped reading there and probably should have

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Read & Download Red Hot Murder Joanne Pence æ 6 Summary Red Hot Murder Free read Ü 106 E murder of a wealthy local and it seems this tiny desert community is a hotbed of deadly secrets And when a second course of murder is served up suddenly Angie's tasty getaway with her lover is starting to look and like her final me. Another delightful Angie Amalfi adventure Angie is her delightful self as Paarvo and she head to a guest ranch in Arizona While there Paarvo investigates the murders of old friends Angie learns about recipe book by the chef from Walton Hotel in New York City that was lost in the area Angie spend her time looking for the book and turning down meals from a self appointed great cook