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  • Elegy Hereafter #3
  • Tara Hudson
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  • 09 June 2018
  • 9780062026811

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Elegy Hereafter #3 free read ☆ 0 N She can join them in their uest to gather souls with a catch Once she joins them she can never see Joshua againFaced with impossible choices Amelia decides to take her afterlife into her own hands and fight ba. Elegy Elegy where to start this review To say that I loved this book would be an understatement I always get nervous when I read a trilogy because the ending sometimes is rushed and it ruins things for the reader Can I just say that Tara Hudson you are BRILLIANT I mean Amelia has faced so much from waking up dead in a river and not knowing what happened or why to having stalker ghosts crazy seers and who can forget our favorite friendly wraiths NOTAll Amelia wants to do is settle down with the love of her life Joshua She has fought the good fight and now she wants to bask in the afterglow and share that life with Joshua But let s face it life is NEVER EVER easy and for Amelia it just got harder maybe unbearable because the demonic want her They have offered her a pretty sweet deal If she joins them she can have everything but if she does not join them well they will kill someone every week until she decides to join them WTH what kind of option is that Amelia is not sure what to think when she is offered another deal by the lightsThe lights have offered her a sweet position of gathering souls and bringing them into the light Okay sounds to good to be true well duh because she will have to give up the one thing she has fought so hard for and that is Joshua What is a girl to do well Amelia decides she will make her own life and do what she wants She will fight back and keep Joshua and not be forced into something she does not want What unfolds after her decision will have you on the edge of your seat waiting to see if she and Joshua make it

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Elegy Hereafter #3 free read ☆ 0 N to give her an ultimatum turn herself over to the darkness or watch them murder one living person per week until she doesAmelia fears she might really be doomed until the forces of light give her another optio. Apparently disappointing endings are IN this season And in that regard Elegy does not disappoint Several major points irked me enough about this book that i was forced to use the word irkedFirst would be the story which continued to remain same through out the trilogy Joshua and Amelia love each other their situation is doomed Joshua is an optimist who believes everything will be fine Amelia is a pessimist who keeps thinking doom and gloom and certain dark forces are after them If felt like reading the same book with different titles Second would be the unnecessary addition of scenes issues that could be resolved in one scene are repeated again and again Third major major point that i could not get over was how Amelia convinces her mother to commit suicide and the reasons her mother gives for her assent Her mother says that her family is dead and therefore she has nothing to live for therefore she might as well kill herself Seriously How old is her mom anyway fifty sixty tops and instead of telling her mom to live her life for herself or start over Amelia basically encourages her She might as well be saying yeah sure kill yourself you re life is over anyway I know this is a complete fiction book about ghosts but what type of message is the author trying to convey anyway Fourth is the ending or specifically the abruptness of it so many issues were left unresolved that i don t even know where to start Joshua and Amelia were always the exception They were special as a couple They understood each other they actually fell in love over time not suddenly at first sight they could touch they overcome so many obstacles and then ever so suddenly it ends why couldn t Amelia be an exception why couldn t the forces that be give her another chance at life for trying to destroy an evil stronghold it felt like there should have been one or two chapters to finish off the story properly but author got fed up and ended it before it got to the serious stuff Over all Elegy was not the book i waited for or expected

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Elegy Hereafter #3 free read ☆ 0 A stalker ghost misguided Seers and spellbinding wraiths Amelia Ashley has faced them all Now her greatest hope is to spend the rest of her afterlife with her living boyfriend Joshua But the demonic forces retur. Wow What an ending to an amazing incredible trilogyThis ending was so tragic and heart wrenching gosh This series is the series that got me into reading so it has a lot of sentimental value to me i can t believe it s overPlease please do yourselves a favour and read this amazing paranormalghost story it s gripping from start to end and with give you so many feeeels both good and bad SPOILERS AHEADohhh it s so sad that our strong and beautiful main character Amelia died It s eually as upsetting to know that her captivating love story with Joshua was so short lived and came to such a sad end I really do hope Joshua lives a long and happy life eventually dies of old age and reunites with Amelia wherever she may be thenIf one good thing came out of the ending it was the beautiful epilogue with Joshua and the flowers that Amelia contributed I m happy that her soul is living on and that High Bridge was destroyed once and for all Overall this series was amazing and i m so glad i picked it up randomly one day on my way out of the bookstore that s one thing i will never regret Bittersweet Goodbye Amelia and Joshua s love story you will forever take up a special place in my heart All 3 books have gorgeous covers