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review His Shock Marriage in Greece His Shock Marriage in Greece review ✓ 4 Siani’s determination to know him and the intense passion of their Greek Island honeymoon could be this ruthless Greek’s undoingMeet the Greek billionaire and his replacement bri. This book had that something special that appealed to me so much Damen is set to marry Elexis in a business arrangement to merge 2 shipping companies But the day before the wedding Elexis runs off and her father forces her younger sister Kassiani to marry Damen instead They pull a switcharoo and have Kassiani wear a heavy veil but Damen knows immediately what is going on but marries her anyway He is angry not that he has to marry the plain and shy Kassiani but that they made a fool of him He wanted to marry Elexis because she is a superficial party girl who won t expect love or affection from him and won t mind being ignored as long as she has his money to spend There is something so appealing to me about the fact that these two are complete strangers yet connect immediately They could be so good together if only they could let go of their pastsKassiani has been told her whole life that she is plain fat ugly Her father stopped bringing her in public and they call her the Ugly Duckling She is actually very intelligent and even has dual degrees from Stanford She started college at age 16 and has a photographic memory She is confident in herself but still feels inadeuate in her looks and lives in the shadow of her prettier skinnier popular sister She is determined to make this marriage work She wants to get away from her family and start a family of her own Damen warns her that he can never love her that he is hard and cold but she still wants to tryI always have a hard time with an ugly duckling heroine The author never really describes her to my satisfaction so all I can ever picture is some horribly unfortunate looking woman I thought this author did a good job of showing that Kassiani is actually beautiful in her own way and that her family is so intimidated by her smarts and wit that the only way to fight back is to put down her looks I thought they were both euals in the looks department He wasn t classically handsome but he had piercing hazel eyes strong arresting features and a full firm mouth that fascinated herBut Kassiani s waist wasn t spectacularly tiny Her stomach wasn t flat Her thighs touched Unlike her older sister Kassiani didn t have an Instagram account She didn t take selfies She avoided photos at all cost The important part is that the Hh each thought the other was beautifulhandsome As time goes on we can see that the self image that Kassiani carries is very warped She doesn t need to compare herself to her sister she is so much So different from Elexis who couldn t even hold a conversation with him Kassiani could hold a conversation and She was fierce smart elouentThe moonlight bathed her in a lovely glow illuminating her profile with her strong elegant features Kassiani was actually uite small physically She just had exceptional curves amazing curves like Hollywood stars of old Damen had a wonderful childhood with two loving parents until at age 14 he was the victim of sexual abuse that went on for over a year This experience caused him to turn his heart to stone to reject all feelings to become ruthless and cold He and Kassiani burn up the sheets and every time they start to get close he pulls back and says awful things He is constantly bringing up his former mistresses although it s only a defense mechanism to push her away and even brings out a contract for her to sign based on the contracts he used with his mistresses She laughs in his face reminds him she is his wife not a mistress or possession Kassiani is NOT a doormat Normally all of this OW drama bringing up past mistresses would drive me crazy But it is made very clear that sex for Damen is purely for release that these women are merely a convenience and that he never allows feelings to be involved Sex with Kassiani is on an entirely different level and the only woman he has ever felt anything for is Kassiani and it scares him to deathThere is a lot of time spent on the H s yacht sailing around the islands around Greece They spend time together going to museums and seeing sights during their honeymoon Damen is too guarded and Kassiani pushes too hard But when they forget and just spend time together you can tell they love each other and want and deserve so much When he is sweet thoughtful and protective Damen is amazing But he is one seriously messed up dude There is a lot of hot and cold behavior and poor Kassiani is constantly confused about who she is going to get As time goes on she pushes to get to know him and when he finally reveals his secret he tells her he will never love her she can never have those things from him and she finally believes him She tells him she loves him and that he needs to talk to someone and get some help He is stuck living in the past And as much as it hurts her to do so she leaves himI really love the fact that Damen isn t cured by true love or a golden vagina He actually does seek out a therapist and begins getting the help he desperately needs After enough time has passed to give him time to make progress he seeks her out for the big grovel and I loved his grand gesture The ending was perfect with a baby on the way I really believed in their love and their HEA Her heart ached It s been a bumpy four months Very bumpy And it s my fault No It s mine You were promised the best daughter And I married the best daughter he said fiercely You were the best and only option for me You and your strength and your courage helped me confront a past that has kept me from living and loving and I wouldn t be herewho I am now if it wasn t for you being you I love you Kassiani and I will love you for as long as we both shall live My one small criticism would be that the end felt rushed The author did such a good job building the H s character and his broken thoughts and feelings But it only takes one chapter the last one for him to decide to go to therapy and try again to court his wife It just felt like the changes happened too uickly for a man with as many problems as he had Safety No cheating no OWOM drama H has only met the sister once for 30 minutes they had no contact H brings up past mistresses to push h away H had a young love when he was 14 that later died He feels guilt and blames himself I never felt like the h was second best to the dead girl just that she was another thing to add to his list of self loathing

review His Shock Marriage in Greece

His Shock Marriage in Greece

review His Shock Marriage in Greece His Shock Marriage in Greece review ✓ 4 Ty bride is switched at the altar for her innocent younger sister Kassiani Dukas Damen is adamant their marriage will remain strictly business He’s too damaged for anything Yet Kas. It shoud have been longerWow that was some story A Greek Billionaire is marrying the daughter of another Greek shipping magnate but she runs away so the Father forces his younger ugly duckling daughter to take her place And that s what her Father calls her She s curvy and not as beautiful and blah blah blah She does it and the hero is not happy Her attempts to seduce him so they would stay married were a little weird but it worked and there were some pretty steamy love scenes She keeps pushing him for a relationship and wants to know all about him and he ends up leaving And then she does They are apart four months This story was actually very romantic but at times it was almost painful to read The angst the push the pull the pain and the awful conversations just made me uite emotional I was like enough already stop just stop talking It was a little too much and then we have the separation and and no contact at all I would have liked to have learned what he did during those four months How he was able to say those things at the end and why The epilogue was beautiful though as people have said It s a very good story He wanted to heal himself for her and I liked that She just wanted love and acceptance and someone who really cares about her as a person I totally recommend it Safe too

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review His Shock Marriage in Greece His Shock Marriage in Greece review ✓ 4 A merciless groom A not so convenient brideScarred by his dark past Damen Alexopoulos does not let emotion dictate anything especially his choice of wife So when his convenient socie. Wow finally a true alpha male Hallelujah Thank you Jane Porter Damen Is without a doubt one of the most cruel hard cold and unfeeling heroes I have ever read in a Harleuin Presents I simply adored him He is such a complex and sexy dark hero He was horribly abused as a child and my heart broke for him I also love the arranged marriage theme so this book was perfect for me Kassiani was my kind of heroine She was smart feisty and willing to fight for her husband Loved the ending Damen s grovel was really romantic and sweet Love scenes were very steamy and passionate We also got an epilogue and we find out that they had a baby boy and heroine is now working alongside her husband I highly recommend this book if u like deeply scarred alpha heroes