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Heir to the Shadows Read æ 104 L while amnesia keeps her frightening memories at bay But with Saetan a Black Jewelled Warlord Prince and Jaenelle's foster father to protect her she will continue to g. After the events in Daughter of the Blood Jaenelle has been in a coma for two years She awakens in the safety of her adopted father s keep and her physical and mental healing begin as well Slowly she is coming back to life and before you know it she is a teenager Jaenelle is coming into her powers and is learning how to use them She is also forging alliances with her friends the Kindred and starting her own coven without no one realizing it Yet she s marked by that terrible night at the altar Her mind was fragmented by the attack and some memories are too painful to remember them Another one who s scarred after that night at the altar was Daemon His mind became fragile after trying to help Jaenelle and failing A confrontation with Lucivar only pushes him farther to the edge of madness Lucifer has lost faith in his freedom and is ready to give up until someone helps him take a different pathOf course the two evil women Dorothea and Hekatah continue to fabricate schemes to damage all of them Jaenelle Daemon and Lucivar would suffer through many of their plots It baffles me that none of the three and or Saetan have killed them Of course if they did there wouldn t be a storyHeir to Shadows was less bloody and traumatizing than its predecessor There was plenty of character development and some very humorous parts The huge drawback was having Jaenelle and Daemon separated for most of the book it just wasn t much fun Cliffhanger No35 FangsMrsLeif s Two Fangs About It Facebook Twitter Instagram

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Heir to the Shadows Read æ 104 Librarian's note See alternate cover for this edition hereEnough time has passed for the young girl Jaenelle heir to the magical Darkness for her physical wounds to hea. 45 Not for the Faint of Heart StartsThe Black Jewels series is dark fantasy characters in this do not have easy goes at things and suffer for years on end Daughter of blood hit so many of my hot buttons in it rape incest torture human trafficking pedophilia and slavery It was dark and disturbing and I couldn t look away or put it down Heir to the Shadows picks up two years after the events of the first book of the series This is still dark but we have moved away from some of the sexual darkness of the first book and we learn that The Blood have other ways to be horrible to each otherJaenelle remains in a coma in Saetan s care two years after the events of Daughter of Blood Daemon at least was able to tie her back to her body but it has left him vulnerable with cracks of his own and drained Because he doesn t remember the events of that horrible night it is all twisted in his head and he isn t sure if he helped or harmed the girl that will one day become the woman he is meant to be with This worldbuilding in this is really fantastic There are lands in the physical realm magical realm and the realm of death The tie in between all of the places and how they interact with one another is really amazing and I like the idea of Saetan as a Guardian of the world The Kindred are magical creatures who as legend have it were once normal wolves dogs cats unicorns etc but a dragon flew over the land dropping her scales and giving the world her magic Humans that caught a scale became witches animals became sentient with magic of their own and became known as the Kindred I love how much depth there is to the worldsWhile sometimes this is a little slow in places I can t say I was ever bored I really couldn t put this down for the most part as I followed Jaenelle on her journey from the lowest part of her life to living while blocking the trauma of her past to the final acceptance of all of it on her journey into the future It is easier to kill than to heal It is easier to destroy than to preserve It is easier to tear down than to build Those who feed on destructive emotions and ambitions and deny the responsibilities that are the price of wielding power can bring down everything you care for and would protect Be on guard always There are so many great characters and so many terrible characters I love to hate that I was captivated by the entire tale Plus seeing Saetan with a household of teenage witches as he tries to mentor Jaenelle was pretty hilarious I m not sure he knew what he was getting into when that little girl showed up on his doorstep seeking magic lessons I met your daughter recently I asked her if she found it difficult living with your temper She looked genuinely baffled and said What temper Saetan stared at her for a moment then the anger drained away He rubbed the back of his neck and said dryly Jaenelle has a uniue way of looking at a great many things Anne Bishop has woven an intricate tale in a cruel world and I just can t get enough of it With the addition of the Kindred Lucivar finding his place and Daemon s journey this was a full tale that left me wanting I can t wait to see what our not so little Jaenelle will do now that she has made her choice

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Heir to the Shadows Read æ 104 Row Her magic will mature Her memories will return And Jaenelle will face her destiny when she remembers Daemon Saetan's son who made the ultimate sacrifice for her lov. 25 rounded upThis was nowhere near as good as the first book Still there s just something about Bishop s writing that I find comfortable which is similar to how I feel about Patricia Briggs s books That being said the story in this second book seemed like filler or a bridge between Jaenelle s childhood and adulthood without a whole lot of substance Also there wasn t enough Daemon I could go into and point out some nitpicks but honestly this is an old series and there are a ton of reviews and I m lazyNot sure if I m going to read the third book any time soon I don t feel the urgency to find out what will happen next but I know someday I ll continue