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Free read Chump Change ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Pierde en el alcohol el sexo y la depravación Bruno Dante Chump Change supuso el debut literario de Dan Fante hijo del mítico escritor John Fante y es el primer título de la trilogía protagonizada por su álter ego Bruno Dante personaje cuyos excesos lo han convertido en uno de los más genuinos antihéroes de la reciente narrativa norteamerican. This is one firecracker of a novel Fante s style is gritty hard hitting but poignant Gripping and exciting Bruno is a lovable mad man Highly recommended to fans of Bukowski Hemingway and of course John Fante

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Free read Chump Change ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Tras una borrachera salvaje ue acaba en orgía homosexual y tentativa de suicidio Bruno Dante es internado por tercera vez en la unidad de alcohólicos y enfermos mentales del Hospital San Giuseppe di Cupertino en el Bronx Mientras se recupera le llegan malas noticias de la Costa Oeste su padre el escritor y guionista Jonathan Dante con el ue nunca. Think dyin s roughDyin ain t shitThe hard part is livingWhile the dying s going on Something I heard TJ say Bruno Dante s self inflicted knife wounds to the stomach are still healing when he is summoned back to LA to join the vigil of siblings watching his father die As the tensions and stresses become too much for him to bear he starts to drink again becomes obsessed with his father s dog Rocco and wakes up naked in a stolen car with a homely underage hooker missing his wallet This is what happens when he dances with Mad Dog wine For me a run on Mogen David was like starting to fuck a five hundred pound female gorilla All choice is gone The gorilla lets you know when it s time to uit Sweet wine is like that LA is just not good for Bruno too many memories too many debaucheries too many irritations surrounding his almost famous father His father gave up writing novels to suck at the Hollywood screenwriting tit Writing for money instead of passion

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Free read Chump Change ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Se ha llevado bien está gravemente enfermo y los médicos le dan pocos días de vida Llamado a rendir un último homenaje al padre Bruno Dante abandona antes de lo previsto el hospital y emprende un viaje de costa a costa en compañía de su odiada mujer Un padre genial rudo y con un carácter horrible Jonathan Dante Un hijo lleno de talento ue se. I am hard pressed to think of any other protagonist that has elicited in me as much disgust as Bruno Dante does for the greater part of this novel And knowing that he has an autobiographical basis means that author Dan Fante is really putting himself out there I began to wonder if Fante wasn t trying to elicit a hatred of him but then remembered that like in an AA testimonial the storyteller is the protagonist and that hopefully former person he describes the antagonistThe dialog and other details in this narrative made me think of almost every situation from my own past in which I ve had to deal with a stubborn and unrelenting drunk especially the situations where there is a tie or responsibility that does not allow one to just flee The internal dialog author Fante provides for Bruno Dante is an excellent example of the power of good fiction we can eventually see the honorable human intent obscured by the actions of desperate needBoth Fante and Dante had fathers who had some