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  • 03 May 2018
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Garrett Leigh ë 1 REVIEW

FREE DOWNLOAD ↠ MUSICAITALIANA.CO ë Garrett Leigh REVIEW à Kiss Me Again Garrett Leigh ë 1 REVIEW Eting brings them back together before long they’re inseparable again But bliss comes with complications Aidan is on the road to recovery but Ludo has been unwell his entire life and that’s not going to change Aidan can kiss him as much as he likes but if he can’t help Ludo when he needs him most they don’t stand a chan. Amazing story Review soon Kiss Me Again is one of the best books I ve read by Garrett Leigh to date It s a heartwarming story about two lonely men finding acceptance and the the joy of life in each otherAidan has spend his whole life alone and he likes it that way The only company he needs are the trees he works to save When he s on top of one he s serene and the happiest he thinks he ll ever be He spends his days working and his nights drinking and he doesn t want to change a thing A nasty fall from a tree though will drive him to the hospital and in the bed opposite the most intriguing man he s ever set eyes onLudo has learned to stay away from people because he knows no one will stick around once they truly see him He was diagnosed with bipolar many years ago and is trying to manage it with the sole help of professionals and no support system of his own His family abandoned him long ago and he doesn t h

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Kiss Me Again

FREE DOWNLOAD ↠ MUSICAITALIANA.CO ë Garrett Leigh REVIEW à Kiss Me Again Garrett Leigh ë 1 REVIEW Tree surgeon Aidan Drummond is content with his own company He works alone and lives alone and it doesn’t occur to him to want anything else until a life changing accident lands him in hospital Then a glimpse of the beautiful boy in the opposite bed changes everything Ludo Giordano is trapped on the ward with a bunch of old m. I read a fair amount of Garrett Leigh books but I know each time that I m in for something on the heavy side Kiss Me Again was exactly that If you are in the mood for something angsty British and than a touch depressing this is your story There was something so wonderfully atmospheric about this story I felt like I was in the British countryside and I was right there with them reading during a gloomy overcast day It had a dreamy melancholy weight to the story that s a bit hard to describe Both characters are really struggling during the course of the story One had a physical ailment due to a horrible accident and the other has been living with bipolar disorder for many years They both are in so much pain that it felt like a relief to have them get some comfort from one another I found the plot to be really compelling even if I though the romance bordered on the level of an unhealthy fixation I liked how t


FREE DOWNLOAD ↠ MUSICAITALIANA.CO ë Garrett Leigh REVIEW à Kiss Me Again Garrett Leigh ë 1 REVIEW En His mind plays tricks on him keeping him awake Then late one night a new face brings a welcome distraction Their unlikely friendship is addictive And like most things in Ludo’s life temporary Back in the real world Aidan’s monochrome existence is no longer enough He craves the colour Ludo brought him and when a chance me. 45 starsI know that for some readers Garret Leigh s stories are too angst ridden or depressing I never felt that way For me her stories including this one is about everyone deserving a HEA Characters with a dark past people next door who face everyday shitty situations protagonists who fall in love in what seems like a hopeless place they ALL get a chance in loveThat said if you think that her other stories were too angsty you might find yourself a tad overwhelmed with this one Both characters have troubled pasts and their present is even harder I ll spoil a couple of things so don t click if you want to go in completely blind view spoilerLudo is bipolar His family finds his situation embarrassing so he has no support system except his doctors Aidan has a chip on his shoulder ever since he was a kid and his mom s death left him with an indifferent father hide spoiler