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review õ The Flight of the Horse ß PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Free download ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ä Larry Niven Larry Niven ä 4 Read Sent for the Secreatary General His only hope is a picture from a children's book A picture of a horseAnd so begins the first incredible adventure in time of Hanville SvetzContents1 • The Flight of the Horse • Svetz • 1969 • shortstory by Larry Niven19 • Leviathan • Svetz • 1970 • shortstory by Larry Niven33 • Bird in the Hand • Svetz • 1970 • novelette by Larry Niven59. Most of these stories are about the time traveler Svetz who is tasked with retrieving certain items from the distant past Problem is he thinks he lives in a Science Fictional universe but since time travel is Fantasy his tasks lead to humorous misunderstandings and misadventuresFor some reason this collection also includes one non Svetz story Flashcrowd which is one of my all time favorite short stories It is straight SF and Niven later used the tech to tie into his expansive Known Space future history I like the Svetz tales but I love Flashcrowd

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review õ The Flight of the Horse ß PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Free download ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ä Larry Niven Larry Niven ä 4 Read 'We don't know where on Earth you'll wind up' Ra Chen had told himAnd the Director of the Institute for Temporal Research didn't know precisely when either ALl he knew was that Haville Svetz would be travelling back in time almost 2000 yearsBut when he returns Hanville Svetz won't be alone If his mission is successful he will be accompanied by a creature long extinct a spectacular birthday pre. As of this review I ve read six books by Larry Niven some coauthored by his freuent collaborator Jerry Pournelle That s a hefty number for any single author on my bookshelf I ve another three books by him on my to read shelf but part of me wonders why my average rating is just over 2 stars and I ve never made any secret of the fact that I ve found most of his books too flimsy and poorly written to be great But Niven despite all his flaws as a writer remains a singularly remarkable source of interesting ideas Ringworld is just one of themFlash Crowd is another example of a good idea It s Niven s attempt to methodically examine how long distance teleportation would change society He uses the conceit of a journalist Barry Jerryberry Jansen working to uncover how the transit booths work as part of a larger piece on the effects of transit booths on rioting Niven s premise is that the ability to cross the country in a matter of minutes allows for near instantaneous riots or even a semi permanent itinerant riot It s a chilling vision of something that seems highly unlikely yet plausible given the right technology at the right timeJerryberry is working under a time limit He literally has hours until an interview that will either absolve him for his role in starting a riot or pinion him as the man who let it happen This is good for dramatic tension but it s also a commentary on the fast paced nature of life with teleportation We don t have teleportation yet but I think the metaphor holds given our near instantaneous access to information Niven touches on the double edged sword of instant media here and while the technology references and the ideas are somewhat stale the overall commentary remains incisiveThis is the type of story that really only works as a short piece of fiction As far as stories go it shouldn t work but does it has very little in the way of plot and an embarrassing amount of exposition This is uite literally Niven rapping a thought experiment in the form of a novella but that s OK Because again the ideas are just so interesting and thought provoking that one can ignore the impoverished hastily erected structure surrounding themOf all the Niven works I ve read so far this is probably one of my favourites It s short accessible and fascinating So if you have the time to read about how teleportation might disrupt and innovate Flash Crowd is worth a look Just don t expect a symphony of words to wash over you in the processRead as part of The Mammoth Book of Short Science Fiction Novels

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review õ The Flight of the Horse ß PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Free download ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ä Larry Niven Larry Niven ä 4 Read • There's a Wolf in My Time Machine • Svetz • 1971 • shortstory by Larry Niven81 • Death in a Cage • Svetz • 1973 • shortstory by Larry Niven99 • Flash Crowd • Teleportation • 1973 • novella by Larry Niven165 • What Good Is a Glass Dagger • Magic Goes Away • 1972 • novelette by Larry Niven211 • Afterword The Flight of the Horse • 1973 • essay by Larry Niv. I do not think that the concept of instant travelthe Star Trek transporter has ever been fully investigated in the aspect of the dangers which could occur by thousands of people wanting to be in the same place at the same time The story was not that great but the concept was absolutely brilliantMerged reviewThis is a pretty fun story about time travel with an ending that has a uniue twist on what Larry Niven thinks happened after the conclusion of my favorite novelMerged reviewIt s a cute little short story concerning time travel but the story of cross dimensional time travel to worlds with different types of evolutionary properties and then the protagonist adapting to said properties takes too much suspension of disbelief for this short story to be completely enjoyableMerged reviewThis is why I don t like time travel stories They turn into giant studies in temporal paradoxes where at the end everyone just shrugs their shoulders in a who cares dismissal Maybe the reader cares did you ever think about thatMerged reviewThis is a cute and uniue story but the time travel aspect of this is a bit convoluted and the author admits as much via the characters but just shrugs his shoulders as if all you have to say is time travel and it forgives all leaps in logic and errors in plotMerged reviewThis novel is a decent collection of short stories which range from pretty good to pretty bad but if you re a fan of Larry Niven then you should enjoy it