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Mias World characters Ø 5 In the follow up to the Sunday Times bestseller The Gift we are taken on a journey further into the psychic world of Mia Dolan one of Britain's most gifted psychics Mia’s World is an amazing psychic adventure which reveals the truth about the spirit worldIn Mia’s World Mia Dolan takes on a student – Roz Chissick a writer with absolutely no previous psychic training and teaches her how to tap into her innate psychic gift The result is an exciting p.

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Mias World characters Ø 5 Sychic adventure not only for Roz but also for you the readerMia reveals of her fascinating experiences of ghosts spirits and explains the truth about the darker forces from the other side We are taken on ghost busts to the mystical site of Avalon and astral travels to the home of her spirit guideMia reveals how we find happiness in this world and answers profound uestions about life death and psychic phenomena What is it like to die How can we still co.

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Mias World characters Ø 5 Mmunicate with loved ones after death Do angels and demons exist Is there such a thing as a soul mate Is there such a thing as destiny or do we control our own fate What happens to our souls after we die'I wish there was some way I could share my ability to see things other people can't We all have a guide but not everyone can see or hear theirs I've no idea what opened up the link between Eric and me but I consider it a gift' Mia Dolan in Real magazine.

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  • 11 May 2020
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