Drown Her Sorrows by Melinda Leigh

Drown Her Sorrows by Melinda LeighSheriff Bree Taggert is blindsided by a killer’s devious plan in number one Amazon Charts and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Melinda Leigh’s novel of escalating shock and suspense.

When Sheriff Bree Taggert discovers the body of a young woman floating near the bank of the Scarlet River, a note in her abandoned car suggests suicide. The autopsy reveals a different story. Holly Thorpe was dead long before she dropped off the bridge and hit the water.

As Bree and her investigator Matt Flynn delve into the case, secrets in Holly’s personal life complicate their efforts to solve the murder. Holly left behind a volatile marriage, an equally divisive relationship with her sister, and an employer whose intimate involvement with Holly was no secret. Each one has a motive for murder.

When Holly’s sister is terrorized by a stalker’s sick prank, and the prime suspect turns up dead, everything Bree was sure of is upended and her case goes off the rails. When the killer strikes close to home, Bree and Matt must race to solve the murders before one of their own becomes the next victim.

Hold the Forevers by K.A. Linde

Hold the Forevers by K.A. LindeEnter for a chance to win one of ten signed copies of Hold the Forevers by USA Today bestselling author K.A. Linde. Hold the Forevers is an angsty love triangle about a woman in love with two men and she has to decide who to choose between them on her wedding: her groom or the man objecting?

Happy Endings by Thien-Kim Lam

Happy Endings by Thien-Kim LamEnter now for a chance to win an early copy of Happy Endings by Thien-Kim Lam. With her debut novel, Thien-Kim Lam delivers a sexy second-chance romance about exes who are forced to work together to save their respective businesses. But when sparks start to fly, will these former flames figure out how to make it work or will someone get burned all over again?

Trixie Nguyen is determined to make her sex toy business a success, proving to her traditional Vietnamese parents that she can succeed in a nontraditional career. She's made a fresh start in Washington DC, and her first pop-up event is going well—until she runs into the ex who dumped her. With a Post-it note.

The last person Andre Walker expected to see in his soul food restaurant was the woman he left behind in New Orleans. Their chemistry is still scorching, but he's desperately trying to save his family restaurant from gentrifying developers. The solution? Partnering with his ex to turn Mama Hazel’s into a vibrator pop-up shop for hungry and horny clients.

Thanks to their steamy truce, both businesses start to sizzle and their red-hot desire soon reignites deeper feelings. But when Trixie receives an incredible career opportunity, will pride ruin their second chance at happiness?

Kin by Shawna Kay Rodenberg

Kin by Shawna Kay RodenbergA heart stopping memoir of a wrenching Appalachian girlhood and a multilayered portrait of a misrepresented people.

When Shawna Kay Rodenberg was four, her father, fresh from a ruinous tour in Vietnam, spirited her family from their home in the hills of Eastern Kentucky to Minnesota, renouncing all of their earthly possessions to live in the Body, an off-the-grid End Times religious community. Her father was seeking a better, safer life for his family, but the austere communal living of prayer, bible study and strict regimentation was a bad fit for the precocious Shawna. Disciplined harshly for her many infractions, she was sexually abused by a predatory adult member of the community. Soon after the leader of the Body died and revelations of the sexual abuse came to light, her family returned to the same Kentucky mountains that their ancestors have called home for three hundred years.

It is a community ravaged by the coal industry, but for all that, rich in humanity, beauty, and the complex knots of family love. Curious, resourceful, rebellious, Shawna will ultimately leave her mountain home but only as she masters a perilous balancing act between who she has been and who she will become.

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A Million Things To Ask A Neuroscientist - the brain made easy by Mike Tranter

A Million Things To Ask A Neuroscientist - the brain made easy by Mike TranterEnter for your chance to win 1 of 20 signed First Edition copies of the most exciting and humorous books explaining how the brain works.

Just how much do we really understand about the pink mushy thing in our head?

A Million Things To Ask A Neuroscientist: the brain made easy - answers some of the most asked questions about the brain, making the science fun and accessible to everyone.

Inside, you will journey through some of the most interesting and strange things that our brain does every single day.

Have you always wanted to know just what a memory actually is, or why we dream? What is our consciousness? Why do some people seem to ‘click’ with others? And can our brain really multi-task? Does a genius have a different brain?

Together, we will explore some of the strange and mysterious things that our brain does, like how staring at your own reflection can turn your face into a dog, or how you can be blind, but still see.

It also guides you through some of the most cutting-edge research that is happening today and how it is going to change the future of the human race.

In the final chapter, some of the most promising women in science share their insights about the challenges they have faced, and their defining achievements, as they share their perspective of what makes them stand out as scientists.

Well Done by Ken Gosnell

Well Done by Ken  GosnellWin a copy of the paperback version of the book in honor of its release date. Leaders are always wanting to find out how to do it better. Over 30 CEOs, business leaders, and thought leaders have all endorsed this book. People from Brian Tracy. Gino Wickman, Jon Gordon, and Pat Williams, and many others state that this is the book that will help leaders find a new and better way. Well Done provides business leaders with insights on how to strive for excellence in building their business and ordering their life. Although the phrase In Well Done, Ken describes the twelve biblical business principles that can help any leader who desires to grow their business and its Kingdom impact. These principles help to create a strategic roadmap for leaders to hear the words “Well Done” at the end of their journey. Every leader deserves to hear the words Well Done. Life is too short, and business is too difficult to work throughout life and miss what matters most.

Orphan Tree and the Vanishing Skeleton Key by J. Nell Brown

Orphan Tree and the Vanishing Skeleton Key by J. Nell BrownEnter for a chance to win one of 100 advance copies of ORPHAN TREE and the VANISHING SKELETON KEY by J Nell Brown.
Told in the style of the hit TV show, THIS IS US, the ORPHAN DREAMER SAGA is a modern-day retelling of ANNE OF GREEN GABLES meets THE DA VINCI CODE. The second full-length novel in the Orphan Dreamer series—ORPHAN TREE and the VANISHING SKELETON KEY—is an ambitious tale where betrayal, harsh realities, twists and turns, and ancient relics converge with angelic warfare and a seventeen-year-old depressive schizophrenic, Daniela Rose Cavanaugh.

Daniela will learn that some dreams should never come true! A brainiac and classic introvert, she adores her biological research at the world-famous World War II atomic bomb lab, Los Alamos National Laboratory.

But secretly, she has another life: launching on a brave quest to save Earth from a supernatural invasion. It’s totally not your normal college-sophomore stuff!

Releasing the power of the Glass Tattoo―her time-traveling device―Daniela slips through time and explores three realities where she must gather critical clues to help solve an ancient riddle: who is Chi Xi Stigma―666, the antichrist―a dark force that plans to eradicate humans by unleashing a ruthless pandemic and instigating World War III, a.k.a., Armageddon.

Will the Orphan Dreamer―Earth's newest kick-butt Indiana Jones―solve the mystery of an ancient Hebrew statue found inside the ruins of a bombed World War II–era church in Hiroshima, Japan in time?

The Anatomy of Desire by L.R. Dorn

The Anatomy of Desire by L.R. DornEnter for your chance to win an Advance Reader's Edition of ANATOMY OF DESIRE by L. R. Dorn, on sale May 11!

For fans of riveting true crime docuseries a la Serial and Making a Murderer, The Anatomy of Desire is a modern tale of crime and punishment exploring unbridled ambition, blinding passion, and the dark side of desire

Claire Griffith has it all, a thriving career, a gorgeous boyfriend, glamorous friends. She always knew she was destined for more than the life her conservative parents preached to her. Arriving in Los Angeles flat broke, she has risen to become a popular fitness coach and social media influencer. Having rebranded herself as Cleo Ray, she stands at the threshold of realizing her biggest dreams.

One summer day, Cleo and a woman named Beck Alden set off in a canoe on a serene mountain lake. An hour later, Beck is found dead in the water and Cleo is missing. Authorities suspect foul play, and news of Cleo’s involvement goes viral. Who was Beck? An infatuated follower? Were she and Cleo friends or lovers? Was Beck’s death an accident . . . or murder?

Told in the form of an immersive investigative docuseries, L. R. Dorn’s brilliant reimagining of Theodore Dreiser’s classic crime drama, An American Tragedy, captures the urgency and poignance of the original and rekindles it as a very contemporary and utterly mesmerizing page-turner.

My Saving Grace by Melanie Moreland

My Saving Grace by Melanie MorelandEnter to win one of FIVE signed paperback copies!
It is time for the next generation of BAM -
Brand new series of interconnected standalones based on the Vested Interest world.

Read what happens when workplace sparks between the characters refuse to be smothered.

Author's note: If you love an arrogant lawyer and a no-nonsense intern, Jaxson and Gracie's age gap romance will light your heart afire.

About -

Grace VanRyan has her life mapped out.

Law school, a career with ABC, and a bright future ahead of her.

Until Jaxson Richards steps into the picture. He’s everything she hasn't planned for.

Older, sexy, off-limits.

And her new boss.

When the passion between them explodes, will her life blow up along with it?

One More Year by Allison Ione Ballenger

One More Year by Allison Ione BallengerThere's magic to be found in every moment...if you just keep looking.

In this colorful tale, a big brother introduces his little sister to the many characters she might encounter with each passing year. From elves in drawers to mighty dragons to snakes that sing sweet songs, there is always something to look forward to--and plenty of fun to have in the meantime.

Enter now for a chance to win an author-signed copy of ONE MORE YEAR, written by debut author Allison Ione Ballenger and illustrated by celebrated artist Carlos Vélez Aguilera.

Latitude 47 by Brian Peters

Latitude 47 by Brian  PetersEnter for a chance to win a signed copy of the new thriller by Brian Peters, Latitude 47.
Seattle, Latitude 47.6062° N, Longitude 122.3321° W.
In the 1990s, Seattle was a city trying to forget itself. The concrete Kingdome would be torn down. The polish and gloss of technology would replace the city’s blue-collar roots of timber, fishing, and airplanes. Ancient cedar trees overshadowed by monoliths of steel and glass.
Clay reports on crime for a Seattle daily newspaper. At night, he sleepwalks through a soggy gray cityscape.
Kiki, a descendent of the Duwamish Tribe, searches for a connection to a place that no longer feels like home.
And Carpenter, a Seattle police detective, tracks the ghost-like movements of a murderer carving his way through a Central District neighborhood.

The Sunset Route by Carrot Quinn

The Sunset Route by Carrot QuinnEnter for a chance to win a copy of THE SUNSET ROUTE, a propulsive memoir for fans of Wild and Educated!

After a childhood marked by neglect, poverty, and periods of homelessness, and raised by a mother who believed herself to be the reincarnation of the Virgin Mary, Carrot Quinn moved out on her own. She found a sense of belonging among straight-edge anarchists who taught her how to traverse the country by freight trains, sleep in fields under the stars, and feed herself by foraging in dumpsters. Her new life was one of thrilling adventure and freedom, but still, she was haunted by the ghosts of her lonely and traumatic childhood.

The Sunset Route is a powerful and brazenly honest adventure memoir set in the unseen corners of the United States--in the Alaskan cold, on trains rattling through forests and deserts, as well as in low-income apartments and crowded punk houses--following a remarkable protagonist who has witnessed more tragedy than she thought she could ever endure and who must learn to heal her own heart. Ultimately, it is a meditation on the natural world as a spiritual anchor, and on the ways that forgiveness can set us free.